The concept of digital banking in Cambodia was introduced in 2008, which is 10 years after the rest of the world has embraced the technology. Cambodia as a country has risen from the ashes of war and genocide and achieved enormous socio-economic transformations over the past decade. The fiscal health of Cambodia has shown a dynamic growth and banking remains one of the most robust industry making healthy profits.


Digital Banking being a relative new field in Cambodia when compared to the rest of the world faces innumerable hardware and software challenges along with other socio-economic issues.

  • Security is one of the greatest challenges of digital banking not only in Cambodia but across the world. However, Cambodia is faced with increasing challenges of computer hardware security, server damage and network terminal loss and on the software side with unscientific design of network software, virus attacks and hackers. Internet fraud is rampant leading to immeasurable losses to commercial banks and customers.
  • There is an immediate need to bring in more stringent regulatory measures in line with internet banking. The current rules are not clearly defined and needs clear demarcations on the do’s and don’ts of internet banking.
  • Without an established social credit system digital banking in Cambodia is having a serious lack of a well-established credit environment making it difficult to obtain information and optimal resource allocation which is greatly restricting the scope of online banking business.
  • Lack of market segmentation and clear market positioning is greatly hindering the progress of online banking. Moreover, lack of personalized services is another drawback to their online banking stream.

Areas of improvement

  • Installing a network firewall security system should be the first priority to defend the banking system against online frauds and money laundering. Also, advanced technological systems like an encryption technology, CA certification system and access control will also add to the security environment and fuel digitization within banks in Cambodia.
  • Strengthening the online stream with confidentiality awareness among bank employees, enhanced hardware and software security measures, establishing authorization systems and appropriate management strategy are dire needs that need immediate action.
  • Establishing the international regulatory and compliance system and a relevant legal system will promote integrity, enhance regulation and prevent conflicts.
  • Building a credible social credit environment will help to normalize business transactions, strengthen the digital movement, establish a relevant credit rating system and achieve social resource sharing.
  • Understanding the customer preference and enhancing personalization is highly important for a stable business, which includes banking as well. Enhancing personalization will increase customer engagement and improve customer loyalty.


The strengthening of Cambodia’s digital transformation in banking will help their economy to overcome their traditional banking system of settlement payment and improve business organization models. Moreover, precise market segmentation and positioning will enhance customer engagement. Careful repositioning of customer group will help to improve customer experience and improve customer service. In addition, improved digital banking and digitization of banks in Cambodia will

  • Enhance competitive advantage
  • Increase profit margins
  • Provide high tech support
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase information and service levels
  • Reposition customer group
  • Showcase Competitive financial products
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