Temenos and Aspire Systems forged an official collaboration in 2016 during the Temenos Community Forum (TCF) in Lisbon, Portugal. The journey began with implementations in the UK and across APAC and has successfully passed a six-year milestone with over 50 implementations.  

Aspire Systems envisions a bright future with Temenos as the partnership unfolds over the next few years. Aspire aims to become the No. 1 Temenos Partner, to enable quick go-to-market strategies and end-customer solutions. 

A trusted and award-winning collaboration 

The pursuit of aligning strategies with Temenos assisted Aspire in earning the title of Regional Partner of the Year not once, but twice, in 2018 and most recently in May 2021. Aspire was also positioned as a Major Contender in Everest Group’s Banking PEAK® Matrix 2021. This was owing to Temenos’ worldwide reach across numerous countries, as well as Aspire Systems’ successful global delivery and technical competency in the projects undertaken. 

Transnational Exposure 

Aspire has established a solid foothold in several geographies by beginning with digital solutions and then moving into core banking. Aspire has implemented a human-centered approach on the path to digital transformations throughout Europe & UK, APAC, the Middle East & Africa, LATAM, and North America. There are more than 60 Customers across Digital, Core, TPH, FCM, Wealth Suite, TDL and other implementations. 

Few Highlights 

Aspire’s Temenos practice has over 350 Resources across Infinity, Transact and other Temenos modules, over 750 certifications, over 150 licenses in the Temenos Learning Community and over 40 marketplace integrations. Aspire is the right-sized system integrator serving across segments such as – Retail Banking, Challenger & Neobanks, Corporate banking, Fintech, Private Banking, Lending Institutions helping clients in Data Migration, Managed Services Upgradation, as well as in Financial Inclusion. 

Going Forward 

A shared vision of improving banking while improving customer experiences and increasing operational efficiencies has enabled Aspire and Temenos to continuously innovate and build platforms and accelerators which empower customers to create their own digital banking experiences and point solutions for pre-defined functionalities such as Customer Onboarding and Personal Finance Management. It will also be exciting to see how the partnership tackle today’s banking difficulties straight on in order to build the financial landscape of tomorrow. Know more