This year’s Temenos Community Forum is just around the corner- a premier event happening in Dublin which will witness a distinguished gathering of banking decision makers, investors, analysts and media from around the world. And Aspire Systems is excited to be a silver sponsor yet again!

Kick Start your Digital Banking Workout with Aspire

When we think ‘fit’ and ‘lean’ we think diet and exercise. We think about losing the bulk, toning up, getting fitter, being faster, boosting stamina and speed. If we apply the same concept to the digital banking world,  it translates into getting rid of what doesn’t add value, reshaping models, streamlining processes and doing things more efficiently- so that less becomes more, and smaller translates into smarter.

For banks to withstand the ever-changing regulatory pressure and the growing competition from the marketplace, it has now become imperative to burn their legacy calories and get into digital shape. That is why we have chosen ‘Digital Banking Fitness Fest’ as the theme for this year at TCF. We are committed to helping you achieve optimum levels of digital fitness so that you can thrive in today’s omni-channel, consumer-driven context.

Things You Can’t Afford to Miss this TCF 2018!

 A Digital Banking Fitness Tour

This year at TCF, digital experts from Aspire will be taking you on a fitness tour. They will be showcasing how the blend of capabilities from Aspire and Temenos can empower banks to meet the demands of the next gen banking audience- the millennials. Here is a sneak peek of this track:

  • The Fully-Digital Customer Onboarding Exercise

How long does it take for a customer to open a new bank account? What if we told you we have a 100% digital solution for customer onboarding and origination? Aspire’s Digital Banking experts are all set to demonstrate a fully-digital customer onboarding solution at TCF this year – Customers can open a bank account not in days but within minutes.

  • Witness DYOB Live in Action

Experts at Aspire understand the importance of customer satisfaction when it comes to digital banking. Design Your Own Bank (DYOB) is Aspire’s latest launch this TCF for TemenosUXP customers. Customers can drag and drop their most useful widgets while they pick a stunning theme from your bank’s very own UI gallery. For a bank with customers being unpredictable and wanting great banking experiences, this feature directly allows customers to take control of their visual experiences while they bank. This also results in better decision making. 

  • The ‘Shape of you’ Survey

Participate in Aspire’s ‘Shape of you’ survey during TCF 2018 to track your digital fitness and get a chance to win a Fitband every hour!

  • The 42K Marathon Run – Exclusive Offer this TCF 2018

Aspire has released a 2 month promotional offer for Temenos Connect Internet Banking (TCIB) implementation. With a brand new TCIB implementation, you get to digitally test it and integrate one of your favorite fintechs for free!

Catch all the Action LIVE at Booth #22

We will be sharing how we have helped our banking clients get things to market faster, cheaper and more efficiently with our more-agile-than-ever-before approach. It will be an opportunity for you to listen, learn and collaborate with our experts and explore a personalized digital banking solution that can get you in digital shape.

Sounds interesting? Come and meet us at Booth# 22 at Temenos Community Forum 2018 in Dublin from 22-24 May.