If you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors in this day and age, then you should be focusing on customer experience regardless of the industry. Insurers are not immune to the fickle customer expectations and they have to be constantly on their feet to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. After all, customers interact with your services and form opinions on them immediately. ServiceNow FSO is one platform designed to remove these issues for insurers.

ServiceNow’s Financial Services Operations (FSO) can change the way insurers look at customer services. This platform enhances overall customer journey with end-to-end automation of business processes and real-time risk management. Let us look at 4 ways ServiceNow FSO can improve CX for insurance companies

Seamless Customer Journey with ServiceNow FSO

From the issuance of policy to the claims settlements, customers interact with the organization and ServiceNow FSO can provide seamless customer journey throughout. It gives insurers all the power to automate their business processes, reduce processing time and eliminate errors. This will make sure their customers receive precisely the services they were looking for quickly which is essential for good customer experience.

ServiceNow FSO has the self-service portal which enables customers to access policies, view claims status and communicate with their agents. This feature empowers to customers by giving them the flexibility to get information when they can which is a massive improvement in their experience.

Personalized Services

Insurers can enhance their customer experience by personalizing their services and products with ServiceNow FSO. Insurers can get insights on their customers’ needs and preferences with the real-time data that the platform provides. With these insights, insurers can develop personalized recommendations and services for the improvement of the customer journey.

Insurers can also improve their communication with their customers through various channels. ServiceNow’s FSO can send personalized messages to customers at various stages of the customer journey with automated communication tools. This can help build loyalty among customers and drive growth.

ServiceNow Field Service Management

Real-time Customer Data

In order to get insights on customer behavior and their preferences, ServiceNow FSO provides real-time data analytics. With these real-time insights into customer data, insurers can make informed decisions quickly. The platform helps construct reports easily and eligibly for decision makers to minimize errors and manage risks that accompany decisions.

Real-time customer insights can also help insurers to ensure a seamless customer journey by identifying potential bottlenecks that arise due to various reasons. By monitoring the customer journey with the help of real-time data, insurers can reduce processing time, minimize errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

Improved Claims Management

As a critical aspect of the insurance industry, claims management involves a lot of customer interactions. It is absolutely necessary for insurers to ensure quick and accurate claims processing. ServiceNow FSO can automate the claims management process entirely from the customer registration to the settlement.

By empowering agents with real-time visibility into customers’ claims status, insurers can avoid piling up of cases and resolve them in a timely manner. Claims managers will have all the real-time processing capabilities to reduce to reduce the claims processing time, minimize errors in the claims processes and make a good impression on customers.


Insurers who want to improve their customer experience can leverage ServiceNow FSO and come out successful. With an assurance of seamless customer journey, personalized services, real-time customer data, and improved claims management, ServiceNow FSO can prove to be a game-changer. An outstanding customer experience can sharpen the competitive edge and drive business growth for insurers. ServiceNow FSO aims to build customer loyalty by improving visibility among agents and transparency for customers.