My experiments with Super Mario adventures once led to successfully skipping one of the stages to what I thought was a straight route to the princess. Minutes later I realized that I cannot do anything but keep walking and it made me realize how every level in the game was designed to actually prepare me for the ultimate fight with the dragon.

While you might not face dragons and damsels in your everyday work, transforming your infrastructure with mature, step-by-step process flow can help attain great value for your business. Gartner believes that maturity models empower decision makers to improve agility and service-level management amongst the teams.

Aspire’s ServiceNow Maturity Model

A report on “IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks 2016/2017” by Computer Economics has concluded that while over 69% of organizations showed increased IT spending, the net percentage increase in expenditure has only been 39% across all sectors; a 13% dip from last year. As the trend is likely to follow suit for the next couple of years, organizations are looking forward to optimize their spending without lagging far behind the industry standards and effectively doing more with less.

With years of experience and expertise in successful IT implementations and management, Aspire keeps re-inventing the way enterprises can reap the maximum out of their Infrastructure budget.  Being a ServiceNow implementation partner, they have come up with a 6-fold maturity model that would help your organization in building a solid, updated and augmented Infrastructure framework.

Servicenow-implementation1. Strengthening Core Stack Implementation

With a mission to strengthen the core of IT structure, Aspire’s maturity model believes in beginning with an effective Incident, Problem and Change (IPC) management system thereby promoting an efficient ticket management and resources allocation system. The implementation of ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) structure ensures that IT executives and key decision makers have an accurate, holistic view of their organization’s IT resources.

2. Improvising Operations Management

Aspire’s idea of the second level in maturity model combines the a-z of preliminary, everyday ServiceNow ITOM operations in any organization. From a simple IT discovery tool that helps executives to identify and inter-link the Configuration Items (CIs) to a much complex, robust asset management tool that manages physical, technological, contractual and financial aspects of the IT under one roof, ServiceNow’s capabilities are customized to fulfil all the operational needs.

3. Evolving IT capabilities with Advanced Operations Management

The 3rd level in the maturity model talks about how organizations can take care of their advanced ITOM needs- from managing agility in IT to advanced cloud resources management. With ServiceNow’s Orchestration, ServiceWatch and cloud provisioning, the core of this level has been designed to increase visibility and improve interconnection within IT components. This is to offer a business perspective for the use of key decision makers of the organization.

4. Accelerating Integration

Banking on ServiceNow’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Aspire’s next level of maturity talks about effective integration of IT systems and services within and outside the organization (3rd party tools and vendor environments). A solid implementation of ServiceNow’s Service Integration and Management (SIAM) model can ensure accelerated integration across platforms without any disruptions to the existing IT components and their relationships. 

5. Extending functionalities with Enterprise Service Management

 In the penultimate level of the maturity model, Aspire addresses the challenges of collaboration amongst IT, project and human resources. With ServiceNow’s range of collaborative tools like Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs and facilities management, Aspire’s model creates a complete strategy to organize from within. To extend the capabilities beyond the IT desk, ServiceNow’s mobility and custom application development functionalities can take organizational efficiency to the next level.

6. Advanced Strategic Reporting

As the final level of ServiceNow maturity, Aspire’s model recommends implementation of Service360, a performance analytics tool that helps businesses to create a unique, executive-level, consolidated visualization of the key performance metrics of the organization across its service areas. With such in-depth strategic reporting technique in place, organizations can easily obtain an overview of efficiency and security of their services and policies.

Why ServiceNow?

Rooted with ground-breaking innovations, ServiceNow is one of the top Infrastructure services providers for enterprises of every size all over the world. The core idea behind the working of ServiceNow tools is to break every complex collaborative task, across departments, translate them to simplified workflows and help executives to arrive at the solution in a matter of few clicks.

With ServiceNow’s suite of intelligent, cloud-based, end-to-end solutions and an experienced Solution partner like Aspire, you can unravel your organization’s infrastructure problems and enable them to truly “Work at light speed”.