Enterprises looking to secure their future and gain more ground in their business activities must take advantage of many digital tools to sustain in the long run. To do so, enterprises must work with the right business architecture, which enables them with swift integration potential.

ServiceNow’s powerful integration tools are one of the reasons why the company remains an enterprise solutions leader in the market. It can expand the capabilities of enterprise IT by connecting disparate functional areas of any business through the Now platform. It has become increasingly important for enterprises to connect with other systems to provide a seamless user experience. The cloud-based platform allows for integration with SaaS, IaaS, ERP systems, on-premise applications and legacy systems.

ServiceNow integration capabilities:

ServiceNow delivers a single point of control to bring together all functions of a business under one roof to view, manage and take actions. ServiceNow brings unprecedented visibility into business operations, automates tasks, identifies problems proactively, fixes them before escalation, speeds up approval processes and enables faster issue resolution. Research has it that companies using ServiceNow report 10% faster issue resolution. The Now platform delivers robust solutions that maximize ROI.

NetSuite capabilities:

NetSuite is a premier software solutions provider of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and e commerce. Companies use NetSuite to manage inventory, track their finances, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer operations. The cloud-based system is a flexible platform that can be applied to a host of business applications. NetSuite optimizes business operations by automating the processes to plan, follow and accurately implement the project or task.

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Benefits of ServiceNow and NetSuite integration:

The effectiveness of an ERP and ITSM software depends on how well the process automation works and how fully the software is integrated with business operations. Enterprises can use automation to streamline specific tasks, however if there are gaps in service delivery and information does not flow freely between the automated tasks, the actions are bound to fail. ServiceNow and NetSuite integration will enable powerful business processes for enterprises that run their operations across both platforms and need data from both the systems. With ServiceNow’s seamless workflows and high-quality tools, data sharing and integration becomes a breeze. ServiceNow users can maintain the Now platform as the single source of truth for their enterprise operations.

ServiceNow and NetSuite integration streamlines business operations by syncing sales orders and sending new and closed tickets between the tools. Automate tickets, user management and IT in ServiceNow while automating sales operations and contact management in NetSuite. With NetSuite integration ServiceNow supports automated login that can validate user and account based tiered pricing with NetSuite. Generate customized user profile reports to generate leads for marketing activities. ServiceNow automatically pushes sales order to NetSuite for processing.

By integrating ServiceNow and NetSuite enterprises can:

  • Manage end-to-end business operations in one system
  • Track NetSuite orders and ServiceNow tickets automatically
  • Accelerate customer support response time
  • Streamline e-commerce operations
  • Save cost in resources and training
  • Minimize manual risk with automation

Enterprises using disconnected systems often encounter challenges like frustrated customers, as they have to call customer support multiple times to troubleshoot issues and get answers to common questions. In such a scenario, the resource costs and hidden expenditure could be tremendous. Enterprises may lose orders, fail to up sell accounts and disappoint users when front-end e-commerce applications do not support back-office data, pricing and automation. This also increases human capital costs and enterprises are left unable to engage staff in revenue-generating higher skill tasks.

Meanwhile, a system integrated with ServiceNow and NetSuite can stimulate customer loyalty as business process automation can deliver exceptional customer service consistently. With improved system operations, order processing can be accelerated. Users can also access wide range of information like order history and shipping options, making it easier to place complex orders. With ServiceNow increasing incremental revenue, enterprises gained $3.5million from new cross selling and upselling opportunities. Also, ServiceNow users were able to repurpose 15% of IT desk employees to higher value work.


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