That the ServiceNow platform transforms businesses is well-established. It gives enterprises greater visibility into all operations with its powerful ITSM, HRSM and CSM capabilities among others, combined with AI-driven insights and performance analytics. Setting up ServiceNow is also a breeze given the relatively low amount of configuration to get it up and running. This allows companies to immediately be productive and quickly identify and resolve issues. Unlike some of its competitors, it is not closed off to other apps, thus making ServiceNow integration a cakewalk. But what comes after implementation? Where do businesses get started? ServiceNow has the answers to these questions too.

Meet Now Create, your guide to successful projects on ServiceNow. Now Create gives partners step-by-step guidance for delivering successful projects based on ServiceNow’s past methodologies compiled as a best practice to help them accelerate execution. It is an unequivocal and definite work breakdown for easy ServiceNow project management and smooth delivery of projects. Thus, businesses don’t have to worry about what works and what doesn’t and can instead concentrate on execution with no fear of risks.

Partners are provided with methodologies for implementation, upgrade, enhancement, and landscape optimization projects.  They can also access project-related templates, including project charter, project report and raid logs, to expedite delivery. Now Create gives partners access to structured processes and best practices that give higher quality and more predictable results in shorter timeframes.

ServiceNow project management made easy

Now Create walks a business through the whole project. Before a new project is underway, it guides the team through the definition of the activities, skills, and resources needed for success. This helps optimize effort across the team. Now Create’s core hybrid waterfall methodology includes five phases for ServiceNow project management:

  • Initiate: Define business objectives; establish program governance and the project team; formally start the project
  • Plan: Hold workshops on process, platform and integration; define and prioritize the product backlog; chart and finalize project timeline; document test strategy
  • Execute: Run agile scrum cycles; define support processes; plan system testing and user acceptance testing
  • Deliver: Conduct system testing and user acceptance testing; plan for going live; conduct training; go live
  • Close: Operational handover; measure value and success; close the project

Now Create organizes all methodologies, associated workflow, tasks and assets into handy Success Packs based on specific outcomes.This is a more convenient approach to project delivery compared to traditional methods. For example, a business looking to automate helpdesk functionality and set up self-service as part of ServiceNow ITSM can access the ITSM Intelligent Automation Success Pack. This Success Pack specifies everything the business may require for implementation, contextual recommendations and the best practice to be followed to achieve the desired outcome. So, all a business has to do is pick the right Success Pack from the many options for their project.

Everything at your fingertips

Gone are the days of excessive changes and losing oneself in the myriad of steps. Success Packs provide multiple resources, giving insights on implementation so businesses can use them for successful execution. Furthermore, by skipping the exercise of creating templates, the team can save time while using the available resources to ensure that the project is on the right track and hits all the deadlines.

Now Create specifies the exact role of every team member along with their responsibilities. It also defines activities and skills involved in the respective role. It helps businesses search and zero in on execution methodologies for implementation, upgrade, enhancement and optimization for projects. By using Now Create, businesses can minimize any and all risks in project delivery.

As a ServiceNow premier partner, we not only help enterprises create and implement faster workflows, but also boost quality for successful project delivery with Now Create. Consider Now Create and our experts as experienced mentors guiding you through successful ServiceNow projects. We ensure all the boxes are checked and cover all bases, dispelling uncertainty and dependence on guesses. Now Create ensures everyone on the team is involved in the project from start to finish and can keep track of it. It ensures that whatever the member’s role or experience may be, they are provided with all the guidance they need to successfully complete their job in the best and most convenient way possible.

With the implementation of ServiceNow project portfolio management, a leading flavours and fragrance company functions could reduce overall approval and communication response time by 40%. Read our case study to know more. 

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