If you are considering to adopt a HR service management platform to improve your employee engagement and upgrade to a truly modern experience, ServiceNow HR Service Delivery is the answer for you. Automate and standardize all your HR interactions in a centralized platform and provide a single access point to employees for all their HR service needs. Eliminate inefficient and repetitive manual HR processes and see up to 60% increase in employee productivity.

ServiceNow, which takes immense pride in transforming the way organizations work, first rolled out its HRSD solution for internal use. According to ServiceNow’s internal assessment, the company saved 4,000 hours annually by automating onboarding activities and sped up provisioning of IT resources to employees by 94%. It also recorded 86% employee satisfaction rate for the onboarding processes and saved nearly $325,000 annually in HR services.

In 2019, ServiceNow was ranked No.1 in HR Service Delivery software solutions by G2 Crowd Grid. It is an industry leader and has consistently scored well in integration and quality, reliability and availability & monitoring and management capabilities. Let us take a look at why ServiceNow HRSD is the best choice for your enterprise.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Features & its Benefits  

ServiceNow HRSD is a one-stop-shop for any service an employee needs. A case may start with the HR, but it can involve multiple departments like finance, IT or facilities to find a solution; in such a case ServiceNow HRSD comes to be of immense help as it unifies processes from various departments in a single platform to complete the task. It provides a centralized platform to find answers, place requests for items or services and chat with HR agents, thus creating a seamless service experience for employees. ServiceNow offers state-of-the-art features and advanced HRSD solutions for enterprises to increase employee engagement, productivity and brand loyalty.

HR Case & Knowledge Management:

Enterprises can use the HR Case and Knowledge management application to create, view or edit HR cases. The app allows organizations to regulate documentation, interaction and fulfillment of employee queries and requests while enhancing HR services and efficiency. Employees can enquire or request HR services on payroll, benefits, employee relations or general information via email, chat or phone.

Building a strong knowledge base is important for the health of HR case management. Often when employees contact the HR with a query, they are tossed around until the right representative gives them the answer they need. Creating a knowledge base over time with standard procedures for every kind of request will increase efficiency of case management. Employees do not have to look for the HR representative who holds the exclusive knowledge, rather the information is public for anyone to access it.

ServiceNow Licenses

Employee Service Center:

ServiceNow’s HR self-service portal is a single access point for employees to get information and services, view requests and chat with live HR agents. ServiceNow allows employees to browse for common information on HR benefits, organization policies and various other topics in the form of knowledge articles. With Virtual Agent chatbot employees can get their queries answered without human effort.

Employees are encouraged to complete simple tasks on their own with the help of knowledge articles, thus freeing up HR agents to deal with more unique cases. If they still need more help, employees can place a request for HR help from the portal. Employees can also view HR cases, requests, teams, organizational chart, assigned tasks, chat with HR specialist and request various services through the portal. Employee Service Center drastically reduces the cost of HR support desk and improves overall productivity of employees.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding:

Consolidate and streamline the entire onboarding activities of an employee with a single request. When an employee has to be inducted, the HR must enter the person’s information prior to them joining, ServiceNow HRSD takes care of the rest. It creates a user profile and automates the onboarding process organization-wide through workflows. It assigns tasks automatically to the different departments involved and gets them done like procuring security badges from facilities, laptop from the IT team, requesting payroll enrollment from finance or any other need. This provides a seamless experience for the new employee, eliminates the manual HR process and increases efficiency across departments.

ServiceNow Mobile HR Onboarding app ensures employees can be inducted quickly from any location. This has proven to be of great help for enterprises during the pandemic to onboard employees and get them going from Day 1. Similarly, when offboarding an employee, ServiceNow shuts down the employee profile and related record after termination date.

Employee Document Management:

ServiceNow streamlines and manages the vast volumes of employee documents related to payroll, internal system accessibility, employee benefits and much more. Enterprises can leverage this tool to maintain the documents without the help of HR representatives. Organizations can define retention polices, fix time frames for retention of different type of documents and also place legal hold on documents.


ServiceNow HRSD is designed for the new way of work. In these times of unprecedented transition, enterprise need a robust system to help them support their remote workforce. Even as we move towards a hybrid model, the challenges are immense for HR with constant hiring, offboarding and managing employee queries and requests; but ServiceNow delivers. Today, a modern HR organization means adopting changes with mobility, integrating with IT and facilities, incorporating services across the platform and engaging with employees. With ServiceNow, enterprises can break organizational silos and build a unified environment to unlock employee value, boost business goals, increase productivity and adapt to the changing needs of the industry.


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