Cloud adoption has skyrocketed over the course of the pandemic with 98% of businesses now working on cloud-based infrastructure. This, in turn, has brought focus on cloud security. And in keeping with the times, ServiceNow Tokyo release highlights privacy and cloud security.

A 2022 Cloud Security Report said about 27% of businesses have experienced some security incident related to their public cloud infrastructure so far this year. This makes ServiceNow Tokyo release’s premium encryption and enhanced cloud security integrations all the more necessary. It also focuses on the growing need for sustainable operations with improved Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Now Platform Tokyo release’s new Manager Hub feature is another major highlight.

The Tokyo release “is our latest purpose-built solution to empower organizations to do their best work and create seamless experiences for their employees and customers while accelerating innovation at scale—in ways that are good for people, the planet, and profits,” says C J Desai, chief operating officer at ServiceNow. “The Tokyo release is our most innovative to date, with solutions that address a wide spectrum of customer needs, regardless of industry.”

It is imperative to upgrade your instance. ServiceNow’s n-1 support model means you’ll have to upgrade your platform at least once a year. So, you must be on either the San Diego release or Tokyo for continued access to ServiceNow solutions. But why choose Tokyo? Let’s unpack the latest release’s key features.

ServiceNow Tokyo release

New features from the ServiceNow Tokyo release

With ‘quiet quitting’ on the rise, businesses are bound to be worried about employee retention just as much as customer retention. Now Platform Tokyo release unifies employee and customer experiences to improve engagement, productivity and profitability. New features from the Service Tokyo release number in the hundreds. Let’s breakdown the most exciting features you get your hands on with a ServiceNow upgrade:

Customer Service Management: Resolve cases at lightning speed with advanced AI for CSM. The new Task Intelligence AI toolset expedites gathering of information and categorization, prioritization, routing and resolution of cases. It prioritizes cases for agents by sensing customer sentiment behind a case. Document intelligence, combined with automatic natural language detection, analyzes text and attachments to auto-populate fields and provide complete case files for faster routing of cases and quick resolution. Collaborate with other agents in a single pane, save important messages and use AI to look up key information on your Sidebar.

IT Asset Management: Give the decision-makers a comprehensive view of the health and lifecycle of all the software, hardware and cloud technology behind your business with Asset Management Executive Dashboard. Efficiently manage KPIs for asset management with one interactive dashboard. Automate hardware warranty renewal and simplify software and hardware renewals with contract and renewal management. In addition, ServiceNow also provides suggestion on renewals and a guided experience.

HR Service Delivery:  Tokyo release’s HRSD updates include the new Manager Hub, where managers can view their team’s journeys, important dates and notifications on employee tasks and requests. Journey designer allow managers to personalize journeys using AI-driven recommendations. Another advantage of Tokyo release is Issue Auto Resolution for HR. This tooluses Natural Language Understanding to make sense of unstructured requests from across channels to automatically resolve common employee requests.

Service Vault: Meeting the rising demand for cloud security, ServiceNow’s Service Vault helps effectively monitor and manage data usage and prevent data loss by helping you enforce security and compliance requirements based on sensitive data and industry regulations. It anonymizes and classifies data fields within an instance to protect personally identifiable information and provides real-time monitoring of events.

Environmental, Social and Governance: Carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by organizations by directly burning fossil fuels or indirectly through the purchase of electricity and other goods and services. As governments and international regulators crack down on carbon emissions and consumers push for more sustainable business operations, it is all the more crucial that your enterprise strictly observes changing regulations.  With the Tokyo release, you can track, monitor and take action on ESG compliance with data-driven insights into key metrics such as carbon emissions and organize all data in simple spreadsheets.

Upgrading to Tokyo

A ServiceNow upgrade is no simple matter. It is a major project requiring dedicated resources and personnel and ample time for testing and fixes. A ServiceNow Premier Partner, like Aspire Systems, can expedite the process using Automated Test Framework and other ServiceNow best upgrade practices, also ensuring your ServiceNow integrations are in order. ATF simplifies the testing process, saving you time, costs and manual efforts and ensuring you reap the benefits of NOW platform Tokyo release features faster. Read this whitepaper to know more about how you can accelerate your ServiceNow implementation with ATF.