Enterprises are always on the lookout for quick growth and great customer experience on a nominal budget. Any service promising this trifecta is a boon to businesses. So, an opportunity to cut up to 30% of your ServiceNow support cost may sound like music to your ears. 

As most businesses are doubling down to grow out of the Covid slump, leaders have begun to rely on smart cost-cutting strategies and are rushing to slash budgets across domains. Though administrative cost-cutting measures are in place, targeted domains like IT applications support are largely left out of this exercise as they are the backbone of day-to-day business operations for any enterprise.   

The plethora of benefits offered by ServiceNow is pushing more companies to adopt the platform for their business needs. Working with the right ServiceNow managed service provider makes achieving business objectives a faster and easier process.  

Some firms may find it difficult to manage costs associated with the implementation of ServiceNow and its operation. In-house ServiceNow support services could prove inadequate if staff lack the right resources and balloon the budget, while outsourcing support to onshore professionals comes with its own set of troubles, the biggest of which is again increased spending.  Net billing rates for ServiceNow resources in onshore locations are 69% higher than offshore net billing rates. However, being cost-efficient while also delivering top-notch services are not mutually exclusive and the offshore model may just be the middle ground you’re seeking. 

Offshore support a major money saver 

Moving certain operations offshore is not an alien concept. Several companies have, for decades, adopted this strategic practice of hiring a third-party supplier in another nation to provide certain services. It is a tried and tested move that ensures world-class services without having to bust the bank. Companies can cut down on costs by employing offshore ServiceNow IT support as such services are cheaper in countries that are popular offshore outsourcing hubs. The offerings are straight forward and will ensure a cost cut of an estimated $30,000 a year.  

Picking the right ServiceNow partner  

A ServiceNow support partner is an important stakeholder in your business’s cost-cutting strategy. Like the multitude of offshore support hubs to choose from, ServiceNow managed service providers are also many in number. Choosing the right partner is no easy task. Reliability and quality of work takes precedence over cost. The partner must be aligned with your strategy and should be able to fetch you a road map for ServiceNow IT support. For instance, if an on-site resource is billed at $120 an hour for ServiceNow application support, the same can be delivered via the offshore model at $40 an hour. Picking a partner is a crucial step when moving to the offshore model and the choice has to ensure higher ROI at a lower cost.  

Aspire and ServiceNow managed support services  

We prop businesses up for success, eliminating bottlenecks that affect day-to-day operations and enhancing user experience across the organization. We provide superior ServiceNow managed support services including, but not limited to, application maintenance, upgrades, system integrations, custom application development, break fixes, migration and administration, process automation advisory and enablement, feature enhancements, new feature development, platform optimization, license management and governance and compliance.  

ServiceNow support can be split into pure offshore model and onshore-offshore models. In the former approach, 100% of IT support services would be offered from offshore locations and in the latter, operations would be based on a ratio specified in the process document. Further, offshore teams will be led by certified ServiceNow system admins and ServiceNow implementation specialists.  

With a premier partner like Aspire, you are billed a flat monthly fee depending on the number of resources deployed with flexible work timings and the option of 24*7 service from our certified staff.   

Businesses benefitting from ServiceNow can now reap rewards at lower costs with offshore ServiceNow support services. Leaders can confidently entrust IT support in their partner’s capable hands and concentrate on core areas of the enterprise.  


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