The pandemic has accelerated the digitization journey of enterprises to a tremendous speed. Companies who have already come a long way in the modern way of working are at an advantage. For others, who have been slow in implementing digitization or delayed the process, the pandemic has compelled them to catch up at a faster rate.

With the constantly upgrading nature of technologies, fueled by the pandemic, which forced companies to move completely digital- almost overnight- the focus is now on optimizing workflows, creating new business models, enhancing productivity and delivering a good customer and employee experience in the business environment. The need to save cost and provide secure services has grown rapidly. Enterprises that have overflowing IT requests from employees, customers and business stakeholders can leverage ServiceNow low-code / no-code application development platform that aims to provide solutions faster. ServiceNow has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for enterprise low-code / no-code application platforms.

The state-of-the-art features of ServiceNow App Engine:

Now more than ever, enterprises are under pressure to stimulate innovation and drive businesses forward. Companies are turning more and more towards low-code/ no-code app development to realize this goal. ServiceNow App Engine can create enterprise-grade applications with minimal programming effort using a visual approach to software development.

App Engine Architecture:

We all know that creating applications from scratch is a long, laborious and costly process. It may take months or years to create an app. However, with ServiceNow App Engine’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop UI features, graphical interfaces, simple integration with support tools and one-click delivery options, the need for extensive coding is removed as pre-built components accelerates the development process. Low-code tools can decrease development time by nearly 90% when compared to traditional application development.

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Citizen Developers:

Tap into the power of citizen developers. One of the main benefits of low-code / no-code platform is- it reduces the strain on the main IT department. Enterprises do not have to depend only on developers to create software solutions. Low-code or no-code development gives those with limited coding knowledge the power to develop apps. Business analysts and non-IT staff who have excellent understanding of business requirements can leverage the low-code/ no-code application development on the Now platform to produce innovative solutions. Various stakeholders with various levels of coding skills can work together making the development process agile, thus increasing productivity. The App Engine provides a centralized view for IT teams to control and monitor the project, providing a collaborative environment for developers. This helps to further scale and grow the business.

Increase delivery speed:

With the ever-increasing volume of IT requests from various stakeholders, enterprises can allocate simple apps to junior developers using the low-code / no-code development and let senior developers take up more complex native programming. With some weight shifted away from software developers to citizen developers, enterprises will be able to fulfil more service requests in a shorter timeframe. This also increases delivery speed and saves cost.


Multi-device compatibility is built with the low-code / no-code app development, which allows enterprises to build robust applications compatible with all platforms and devices. All the apps developed in ServiceNow App Engine will automatically work on mobile devices. Developers do not have to write codes for different devices, as the platform will provide an easy, familiar and responsive design for desktop and mobile.

Security & AI:

Business apps contain sensitive data and security is a defining principle behind ServiceNow’s low-code / no-code application development platform. It also provides pre-built, end-to-end integration solutions. ServiceNow App Engine also allows to create solutions by adding analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to apps and thus, expediting the development process. This in turn reduces time-to-market, speeds up delivery, scales up productivity and brings down application development costs to a significant extent.

Enterprises can accelerate their digital initiatives in a cost and time-consuming manner by leveraging ServiceNow App Engine. Learn more about our ServiceNow Managed Support Services.


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