One of the defining factors of a business’s success story is choosing the appropriate enterprise architecture platform. All companies regardless of their size are now in need of digital solutions, to meet the growing customer expectations. The opportunities presented by technological modernization are truly enormous and it is vital for enterprises to integrate with systems, applications and data effectively to stay in the competition.

ServiceNow integrates with most third-party applications, custom applications, data sources and software tools in a swift and seamless way. Enterprises can expand their business operations and capabilities by making use of ServiceNow integration to enjoy the best of many worlds while also leveraging the mammoth of functionalities the Now platform offers.

The Integration Hub by ServiceNow streamlines and automates workflows across systems under a centralized platform creating greater visibility of processes. It also helps to track requests instantly, strengthen communication between departments and increase better flow of information to realize business goals quickly. Enterprises using ServiceNow see 66% reduction in effort per incident.

ServiceNow Integration benefits for business:

ServiceNow integration is a powerful tool for any business to have by their side. Enterprises using ServiceNow report providing game-changing employee and customer experience with upgraded business operations. Connect ServiceNow with your business-critical applications and empower your service users with access to information to make smart decisions and serve more customers quickly. It also reforms end-to-end service and increase revenue by many-folds.

Flexibility to scale:

Many enterprises whose systems lack agility, struggle with slow change management and complex configurations. They are not flexible enough to use them outside the scope of IT and ITSM. These systems are not future-proof meaning they do not scale well. The above-mentioned limitations often frustrate departments and lead to the need for a unified platform. The out-of-the-box solution by ServiceNow is highly flexible and can accommodate business of any size and is scalable to all system networks. Pre-built applications for ITSM, CSM, HRSM unlock productivity by delivering deep functionalities without additional coding or development. ServiceNow user-friendly integrations allows an enterprise’s different systems to be tied together seamlessly to deliver a single workflow.

Improves productivity:

With the Now platform’s integration solutions for enterprises, employees do not have to wait for approvals and responses. The automation of tasks involves third-party applications, which alert the right personnel and department to get the work done before any disruption occurs. Moreover, all processes are visible under a single workflow enhancing visibility and accountability. With ServiceNow integration implementation, enterprises can enjoy the benefits of improved employee, IT and process efficiencies. This results in better user satisfaction, improved transparency, lesser service outages and fewer ticket requests.

Higher ROI:

Seamless integration allows enterprises to save costs associated with new programs, data transfers and training of resources. ServiceNow is capable of syncing all data sources, connecting with applications on a deeper level and configure flexible workflows with just clicks or no-code. Built for enterprise-level businesses, ServiceNow supports high volume of workflows and is a robust enterprise solution. According to a Forrester Report, ServiceNow customers return on investment was worth 229% besides £3.4 million in infrastructure savings.

ServiceNow’s collaborative tools are the secret sauce to its huge popularity and success. Its ability to interface with other platforms like Salesforce, Workday, SAP, Oracle, Azure, Slack, Jira, Splunk, Jenkins and more with ease is the reason the Now Platform was able to expand beyond ITSM and provide enterprise solutions.

From being a ticketing platform, ServiceNow caters to an array of enterprise solutions like HR Service Delivery, Customer Service Management, Business Management, Operations Management and Security. Enterprises will always be future-ready with ServiceNow, as the platform constantly updates itself to continue being the leader in the market.


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