Uber thought long and hard about the one actor it could reimagine to deliver the customer a simple, comfortable ride: the licensed taxi driver. Uber didn’t disrupt the product – i.e. the car. Uber simply reimagined the driver experience so the customer got what he wanted.

It’s time insurance CIOs wake up to what’s really important in order to draw customer loyalty. All customers want from you are better insurance experiences. Be it an omni-channel space where they can purchase your risk management solution or an online insurance account that stores all their information- they just want easy access to your brand in a seamless manner.


Here is a massive infrastructure, including more than 400,000 insurance agents and a multibillion-dollar lead-generation industry in America, designed to sell insurance products to the customer. It is a system almost as old as the taxi system. When they can do it, insurers like you can do it too!

what can insurers learn from Uber's CX

Start by making a list of things your customers might want for an insurance experience.You might also want to attend this 20 minutes webcast ‘What can Insurers learn from UBER’s Customer experience?’ happening on the 24th August to understand what your customers really want and how close you are to giving them these experiences.


It is alarming to see that almost 90% of your online prospects abandon you midway. And more than 47% of your customers are millennials. You need to be constantly innovating and providing your customer base with better insurance experiences to stay ahead in this over-competitive business threatened by non-traditional players.



What can Insurance CIOs learn from UBER?

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