Millennials – their multitasking capability can be shocking! They are able to interact simultaneously with dozens of digital channels while emails are gone, left only for business communication. How can banks change their relationship with millennials so that they can begin to anticipate their customers’ needs more and design products that deliver this intuition?

Millennials today demand a whole new level of banking experience. They are in fact transforming the way banking is done. Younger customers prefer online banking to other channels. This won’t surprise anyone who follows millennial research, but one notable highlight, in particular, should play a role in the banks’ customer experience strategy. Thanks to the wide adoption of smartphones worldwide, user experience has become a burning need for banks in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Digital banking can now provide banking services 24/7 and anywhere. In such a case, a great user experience is the only way banks can stand out in providing extraordinary banking experiences.

Unlike previous generations, the new generation loves the strikingly visual appeal of a perceived reality- augmented, virtual or otherwise. Banks are under tremendous pressure to innovate in such a way that millennials witness personalized banking experiences intuitively at the speed of light. Knowledge on how millennials use mobile apps has certainly been a driving factor in the success of online-only banks, but the established banking players are quickly catching up. Join us for a 45 minute Q&A session with best-known experts from the fintech industry to discuss how revolutionary user experiences can be delivered to millennial banking customers.
We have Dharmesh Mistry, Chief Digital Officer, Temenos, Sajeev Sreekantan, Head TemenosUXP Practice, Aspire Systems & Tanya Andreasyan, MD & Editor-in-Chief, Banking Technology front-ending this panel discussion while Krittika Banerjee, BFSI Analyst moderates these discussions. Know more

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