It was in 2016 that Temenos, the software specialist for banking and finance, announced a strategic partnership with Aspire Systems, a global provider of digital transformation services to accelerate customer experience strategy for banks. As the relationship enters its second year, the dynamic duo has worked shoulder-to-shoulder on multiple projects offering next-gen digital services to banks.

Together Temenos and Aspire have already served a wide range of financial services clients spanning from wealth management, retail banking, corporate banking to the insurance space. Key to this alliance is Aspire’s capability pool of in depth TemenosUXP expertise and its ability to accomplish successful global delivery by ensuring reduced implementation risk, agile deployment and a faster time-to-market for customers.

Here’s a look at the journey so far, and how Aspire’s services and solutions on Temenos products drives the digital transformation journeys for our end clients.

Worldwide Internet and Mobile Banking Implementations, Global Footprint Gets Bigger

To date, Aspire has supported a total of 23 digital banking implementations for Temenos Channel solutions worldwide with an average of 1 go live every month. While Aspire’s digital wealth management implementation has seen the strongest presence in Singapore, the majority of digital insurance projects are from UK. Retail banking implementations are predominantly across Europe while also significantly expanding footprint in North America this year.

Aspire’s Very First Temenos transact Implementation- Drum Roll, please

Aspire is currently carrying out its very first Temenos transact implementation in the MENA region. While tailoring the implementation to the bank’s business goals and challenges, Aspire is gearing up to ensure that the bank faces a smooth transition to their new core banking system.

Customer Onboarding Plug n Play – Aspire’s Onboarding and Origination Solution

Customer Onboarding Plug n Play solution is a ready to use feature that can be quickly integrated onto your Temenos digital banking solution. This pre-packaged solution helps banks deliver seamless onboarding and origination experiences-not in days but in minutes. Highlights from the solution include opening an account with a selfie, digital document uploading, face and fingerprint authentication.

Creating Empowered Users with DYOB

Designed with customer-centricity at its core, the ‘Design your Own Digital Bank’ feature is aimed at providing on demand personalized UI for digital banking customers. The feature enables web pages to adapt to a diversity of customer needs, rather than offering one common theme to all customers irrespective of their preferences, age etc.

After onboarding and opening of their bank account, customers can create a fresh dashboard by dragging and dropping the most useful widgets, and picking a gorgeous theme from the bank’s UI gallery for a personalized look and feel.  This brings UX to an entirely new level by putting customers directly in control of their visual experiences while they bank and facilitating experience-driven banking.

Cheers to the Future!

The alignment in Aspire’s goals, purpose and approach has only strengthened the collaboration. Ultimately, both Temenos and Aspire strive to give their joint customers the best footing to build and run their businesses competitively and efficiently in a digital-first world. In keeping with the spirit, Aspire will continue strengthening its ability to support Temenos implementations, fostering continuous innovation in building robust solutions and delivery methodologies to meet the challenges banks face both today and in the future.

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