Modern real estate businesses have new functional areas, which makes them complex and dynamic in nature. Key stakeholders like property developers, real estate companies and buyers need to be brought under an umbrella to address the complexities in the real estate business. What if I tell you, the above requirement is fulfilled by a single real estate ERP software called iEstate?

Pain Points faced by Real Estate companies

  • Real Estate companies face hurdle in increasing competitiveness in a tightening real estate market.
  • Streamlining operations from sales leads to cash, as the different modules such as marketing, sales and finance are not under one umbrella.
  • Infusing rapid growth in real estate development projects.
  • Improve marketing effectiveness by reducing time to launch campaigns, boosting sales leads, and cost cutting.

How iEstate helps overcome these pain points?

  • End-to-End automation of lead to cash process by integrating sales, marketing and finance.
  • Reduce marketing campaign costs and campaign launch time.
  • Streamlined property sales and business growth activity on iEstate.
  • Using multi-channel campaigns, including social media to generate more leads.
  • Employee productivity has increased exponentially by eliminating duplication on separate systems.

Ab-initio about iEstate

iEstate, a SaaS, cloud-based real estate property management built by Aspire Systems aimed to streamline business processes which covers functionalities like Property Sales Management, Leasing Management, Sub-contractor Management and Facility Management. It is also a robust, future-ready platform that includes features like Sales, Social engagement, Billing and Payment Automation.

Features housed in iEstate

360° Property view: The most significant feature of the iEstate is geo-tagging of the property, which gives a 360° view of the property in the GMAP. This also enable the real estate companies to develop a positive and constructive relationship with clients.

Property sales and CRM: With this feature the real estate companies can convert the sales leads from social media and marketing platforms into prospective buyers. Add-on features like inventory visibility and administrative view of the process flow are also part of the iEstate.

Facility Management: The Facility Management services help organizations access the maintenance portal, cost reporting and property history from any part of the world irrespective of the location. This would also enable the integration of Helpdesk and Service-Cloud.

Leasing and Rental Management: This feature allows agents to check on Leasing Status, Payment Plans, and Collections. The challenges faced by customer are addressed with the iEstate portal, which enhances the customer relationship management.

Unfolding the iEstate box

With elucidation of the features above, the question arises how iEstate works in real-time? The sales leads are generated by marketing professionals and sent to the sales for order/booking. After receiving the order, the property/leasing functions are performed in the iEstate application. Furthermore, the invoice is generated in the Financials-ERP and the customer service is handled by the call center personnel.

As a business owner why should you choose iEstate?

On the sales and leasing perspective, this property facility management software has low TCO for SaaS and Cloud based solutions. iEstate pretty much follows a centralized and standardized solution with Industry best practices. The business flows of Property and Real Estate are out of the box and follows a flexible and elastic framework.

Concurrently, on the Sub-contractor management side, contractors can use this application effectively for sub-contractor and customer management for payments and billing. The percentage of work completion are mapped to customer payments and billing. Accrual management in iEstate has best in class features, where project accruals are managed based on percentage of work completed.

What our customers have to say about iEstate?

“By consolidating our sales, marketing, and finance processes on an integrated suite of Oracle Cloud technologies, we have boosted business development, reduced marketing campaign costs by 50%, and can better manage our real estate development projects and finances with a single source of truth.”

Dr. Hani Abu Auida, Vice President, MAG Group

What lies ahead?

iEstate has been successful in overhauling the real estate management. Similarly, AR process’ manual ERP is ready to get a new makeover with RPA. To know more about AR process and RPA, join our Webinar on “Transforming Account Receivables in Oracle Financials with RPA”