Bells which were rung in 2016, signifying the start of a strategic and profiting partnership between Temenos, a software specialist for banks and financial institutes and Aspire Systems, a global, technology services provider,  have just begun to sound louder and make a significant difference. Since the advent of the relationship, it has been three years of immense progress and technological revamp, where the duo have worked on multiple projects, and offering digital and novel services to banks and financial institutions across various regions.

The Highlight of 2018

In 2018, after the start of the third year in partnership with Temenos, Aspire Systems was awarded as the Temenos Regional Partner of the Year. This was due to the global footprint of Temenos services across various regions, along with the successful global delivery and technical proficiency in the projects implemented by Aspire Systems.

Global Dominance

Aspire Systems and Temenos serve financial clients across various domains right from the wealth management sector to retail banking. Aspire Systems has strong technical capabilities in Temenos transact implementations and in Temenos Continuous Deployment (TCD). In the past one year, since April 2018, an astounding 52 proposals have been submitted across Europe, US, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and the Asian-Pacific region.  A majority of the implementations have come from the ASEAN region, which has enabled the Aspire Systems-Temenos alliance to develop a deep connection with its customer base. Aspire Systems has worked on proposals and implementations across different geographies and various industries, which has enabled it to become a pioneer in the technology services front.

Here are some of the offerings that Aspire Systems offers to substantiate your growing and highly potential business.

Temenos Continuous Deployment – There does not have to be limitations!

With the launch of Temenos CA Automic Continuous Deployment, there is a high promise digital transformation and agile strategies coming into place at very low speeds. At the same time, with continuous deployment and release to the market, there is extra assurance to security. With Temenos Continuous Deployment, the time to market statistic for customers increases rapidly and remains on a linear upward curve. The Continuous Deployment service ensures improved manageability and visibility within the deployment pipeline. With a highly skilled team, which is adept in the technicalities and functionalities of continuous deployment, Aspire Systems would help you to take your offering to the market at a much faster pace.

A Customer’s Digital Banking Paradise – DYOB

The whole strategy behind Design Your Own Digital Bank is one which was formulated and planned by Temenos by keeping customers’ at the nucleus of plans for further banking services.  DYOB brings about a customers’ own digital bank, which when personalized right from scratch based on the customers’ preferences and priorities enhances satisfaction. Drag and drop widgets replaced the common dashboard, present for the entire customer base, which would enable customers to experience a completely new digital interface. Aspire Systems enables you to tomers.

An Eye for the Future – 2019 and Beyond

Aspire Systems has had its goals aligned with Temenos which has enabled the partnership and collaboration between the dynamic duo to reach the heights which it did in 2018. Both companies strived, to continue to produce quality experiences for its customers, and would always focus on creating together a digital footprint across the globe. Keep an eye out for 2019, it will be very interesting to see what new bonds strengthens the partnership and what innovations form a part of the outreach that both companies aim to do. It will also be aspiring to watch the companies confront today’s banking challenges head-on to shape the banking landscape of tomorrow.

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