The year is 2017 and even the ultra-conservative corners of the banking industry have moved from exploring the answers for ‘when’ to ‘how’ in digitization. The banking industry is already getting in sync with the rest of the world for a completely automated reality.  And hence an exciting time has arisen for banking professionals who are more driven in providing better customer experiences.

Aspire Systems and Temenos

Aspire Systems, being one of the top digital transformation catalysts for banks, developed a strategic partnership with Temenos last year during Temenos Community Forum 2016 to accelerate customer experience strategy for banks. The Temenos Community Forum (TCF) focuses on innovation in the field of financial technology to improve user experience and gear up financial institutions for next-gen banking.

Aspire’s Channel Expert Group – One of the Largest in the Market

Aspire Systems, a specialist partner of Temenos, has established a dedicated practice team to enable development of Temenos Channel projects. This team is highly involved in creating platform accelerators for faster development and implementation. The primary focus of this group is to build Temenos UXP competencies and enhance knowledge and technical quality across teams.


Largest Temenos TCIB Implementation Team

Since the beginning of Aspire’s partnership with Temenos last year, our Temenos Channel Expert Group has gone live with 14 projects covering a wide range of offerings to banks in retail, corporate and wealth management.

Aspire’s association with Temenos not just involves implementation of Temenos Channels but also focuses on expertise in leveraging the platform to create solutions to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Unlocking Temenos Channels for other core banking solutions

Aspire’s latest innovation authsqr acts as a link and enables TCIB to work with any core banking solution for faster adaptation and implementation. authsqr recently gained immense traction in the Temenos circle while being featured in Temenos Innovation Jam, 2017 held at Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Aspire Systems at Temenos Innovation Jam Abu dhabi

Temenos Channels for Bancassurance

Aspire is the first FinTech company to extend the usage of Temenos Channels to bancassurance firms. Aspire has built ACIA (Aspire Connect Insurance Accelerator), a pre-packaged omnichannel solution designed specifically for banking firms that have insurance offerings. ACIA combines the power of superior business components and impeccable user interface to create a tailor-made solution for every single customer that is sure to accelerate their digital growth.

The working of ACIA is envisioned by six modules that offer comprehensive coverage for all operations that provide better Insurance experiences to banking customers. They are

  • Self Service Portal
  • Quote-to-Buy
  • User Management
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Contact Center

The Temenos Advantage

Temenos customers enjoy 32% higher return on assets and 42% higher return on equity, on an average, than their peers sticking with the legacy systems.

Amongst the core banking solutions that is taking the industry by storm, Temenos stands as the clear leader with its sophisticated functionalities, secure design and adaptable framework. Their open, integrated and real-time platform offers extremely customizable products that can fit into any need of the financial institutions irrespective of their reach and capabilities.

The Aspire Advantage

History has proven us time and again that the solution for complex problems often begins with taking that one easy yet crucial step at the right time. Aspire Systems, with the solid Temenos partnership, aims to be that one “go-to” solution partner for banking customers that enables them to overcome digitization obstacles and accelerate their pace towards their digital Nirvana.

Temenos Community Forum 2017

The Digital banking team at Aspire is all set to attend the 2017 edition of Temenos Community Forum in Lisbon, Portugal. The head of Temenos Channel team will be available to meet and engage bankers with customized recommendations for creating better banking experience for their customers. You can book a meeting HERE.