Millennials make up 25% of the total workforce population in Asia Pacific, and represent the most influential demographic shaping future trends in APAC’s banking sector. Yet they remain a largely misrepresented socio-economic demographic.

This generation has unique needs, and so far, most banks and credit unions have fallen short of meeting their expectations. Banks must improve their understanding of Millennials or risk missing out on the next generation of customers too great to ignore.

To explore the key differences, opportunities and challenges related to Millennials in APAC, read our whitepaper here.  It provides useful insights to brands looking to begin a more focused strategic push to reach out to this critical demographic.

The whitepaper provides an in-depth view of:

  • How Millennials’ live, work and play priorities and habits impact their financial goals, attitudes and requirements
  • The major Millennial-driven trends in banking markets across the APAC region
  • The current products and services being used by the Millennial market
  • The key focus areas for banks to drive the groundwork for a solid, mutually beneficial, long-standing relationship with this expanding customer segment