Continuous Deployment with DevOps: The Ultimate Powerhouse for Temenos transact Users

zDoes an exhaustive delivery process in getting your product or service with an unimpressive time-to-market statistic bother you? Is it an even bigger botheration that your bank isn’t able to scale up to the latest updates as often and quickly as it wants? Concerning these frustrations, DevOps has always been the answer. However, legacy systems and cultures have impeded banks from truly adopting a DevOps methodology.

DevOps is synchronous with improved delivery of services through the software development lifecycle (SDLC). However due to inconsistent environments, outdated testing practices, legacy systems and operational immaturity and several other factors, banks have been unable to bring their products and services to the market quickly. Several banks have embraced Temenos Transact as their core banking system and with it, have come several benefits – one of which is continuous deployment (CD) and faster delivery life cycles within the cloud environment.

A Revolutionary Evolution

The statistics concerning the benefits post-adoption of DevOps methodologies is very encouraging for the financial sector. With 19% improvement in quality performances, 18% increase in revenue, 21% decrease in time taken in fixing applications and 60% reduction in the time to take the product to go into deployment, it would be an understatement to state that DevOps for Temenos users would be magical – because it would be much more than that. It would be a revolutionary evolution.

Temenos Continuous Deployment (TCD)

“Code in the morning, test in the afternoon and deploy in the evening” – Sounds crazy, but true!

Basis of TCD: Organizations have different number of development and test environments present. Checking of each of these, stages take place before the production phase. However, with excessive possibilities for manual errors, and slow speeds in bringing the product or service to market, banks have been struggling to keep up the pace. With DevOps, banks can improve the process by automation, which removes the risk of human errors.

Interesting Fact: In general, cases, provisioning for an environment where extra testing phases are required is complicated. However, with the platform provided by Temenos, creating temporary testing phases is extremely simple.

The Process: Continuous Deployment of Temenos divides itself into 3 processes – Extend, Assemble, and Deliver.

Temenos Continuous Deployment

The Overall Picture: The continuous deployment package divides itself into 3 separate segments – the core banking system (i.e. Temenos transact), the country model, and the optimization package. The bank provides any optimization package for any specific service that they would want to provide, while Temenos provides the other two packages. Each of these pre-configured environments would then enable banks to take part in faster delivery cycles.

The Boon for Banks

Firstly, a massive boon comes in the form of having a shift left approach to their testing processes. Experts claim that 56% of most defects appear in the early testing stages (which often occur concurrently with the development stage). Now, the issue that banks generally face is when they have a late testing approach, by which time, most of the defects have affected other functionalities of the service (This is what DevOps with transact aims to prevent). Secondly and most importantly, core-banking optimizations are created based on your bank’s needs and requirements and it becomes easy to scale to higher upgrades. It also helps that your bank’s environment is pre-configured based on your technology stack. Enriching your bank with high levels of DevOps maturity also ensures many other benefits such as much clearer visibility in the pipeline. This enables development and operational members of the bank to have a clear idea of the status of a particular product or service.

Finally, with a provision of being in cloud, banks can relieve themselves of any data dependencies that might arise with having data and applications on premise. Banks can also spend 15% more time on self-improvement and would see a 33% increase in the time for infrastructure improvements.

Final Thoughts

Banks have the chance to make the plunge by engaging in continuous deployment practices and having faster deployment for their services, by a faster delivery through the matured SDLC. With Return of Investment (ROI) recouped within 6 months, banks can move and get ahead of the rest of the competition. Continuous Deployment with DevOps will enable Temenos transact users to be pragmatic, yet have results, which act as positive outliers when compared to the rest of the competition. This is the time to be agile and to ensure your bank does not struggle because of a poor CI or CD.

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