ServiceNow landscape is changing by the day and often companies find themselves struggling to cope with changes. With a ServiceNow support partner, the heavy lifting is taken off your hands. You are free to focus on scaling your business to new avenues and increase your ability to implement more technologies that will drive your business forward.

You will always have the most highly technically-skilled minds available for your business, thus reducing the training and upskill costs your company might incur if managed in-house. This also allows you to deploy your resources to more strategic work and increase productivity.

Managing support services in-house can be more costly than outsourcing it. There are a lot of factors to consider like the non-ending hiring process and infrastructure setup. With a ServiceNow support partner, you have the resources and the infrastructure ready to take up the project immediately. This will also help in implementing significant control over your IT management budget. With a robust support system in place, enterprises can avail the flexibility needed to upgrade according to their needs.

License Optimization:

With License optimization you can save up to 70% in licensing costs. You can see all the subscriptions related details, reports, insights and also take action using our license workbench, all under one roof. Enterprises can add/remove or modify users and also see if the user is effectively using their license. This aid in reduction on unnecessary expenditure on unused roles License Workbench can calculate roles/users automatically and lets you take action on the reports without having to navigate much. It is an attractive colour-coded dashboard with real-time data on licenses purchased, allocated and compliance status.

App Engine:

Using ServiceNow’s low code/no code application development platform, enterprises can save cost and reduce effort at the same time. It reduces the time spent on designing application architecture as it can be rapidly built with readymade universal components and user-friendly drag-and-drop UI. Even complex operations and workflows are made faster and easier. The low-code platform can help organizations to be agile and increase productivity, security and compliance. It is also cost-saving; enterprises can deliver omnichannel customer experience within budget. Enterprises can save up to 40 hours per week and $50,000 a year with ServiceNow App Engine.

AD Automation:

The need to improve employee experience is increasing by the day. Active Directory Automation or AD automation can streamline workflows to increase IT and HR efficiency. It helps with onboarding/offboarding process, makes employee details duplication impossible with unique value checker and upgrade the employee experience. With quick and user-friendly onboarding process, not only do employees have a great first-day at the job, enterprises too can see 39% reduction in costs, 61% increase in productivity and save nearly 240 hours per month!

Software Asset Management:

There are dedicated dashboards for complex publisher specific licensing and SaaS usage data and consumption. It becomes easy for enterprises to swiftly allocate and reclaim software licenses to manage issues related to compliance and vendor management. With efficient software reconciliation, enterprises can improve the accuracy of software entitlements. Automated license reconciliation keeps license positions up-to-date without manual calculations. With SAM you get a single authoritative source of information. Having a strong software asset management system in place can help you significantly reduce IT spend on software.

Automation Testing Framework:

With swift and accurate testing, enterprises can identify and fix bugs quickly in the development phase itself; that is when they are less costly. With faster upgrades, your value-added features and enhancements reach the end-user faster. Once you set up the ATF tests, you can reuse them for future upgrades and other releases. It is independent of UI changes, so ATF tests do not break when the UI is changed, which is common problem many enterprises face. This also reduces the maintenance burden significantly. With ATF, enterprises can deliver high-quality product; this in turn achieves exceptional stability and confidence in SDLC. In addition to reducing the risk of human error, ATF reduces manual testing costs by 90% and has a 50% manpower reduction rate.

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