ServiceNow HR Service Delivery is a superior solution for enterprises that wish to expand their digital excellence in an organization. According to a Sierra-Cedar survey, ServiceNow has the highest adoption rate out of any HRSM platform. It also found that top performing organizations are 29% more likely to implement a HR help desk than non-top performing organizations.

While studying the correlation, it was found that top performing organizations extract more value from ServiceNow HRSD adoption. With the consumerization of the employee service experience, enterprises are seeing drastic increase in employee satisfaction and productivity. By encouraging employee self-reliance and automating HR case management, enterprises are allowing HR to scale effectively and focus more on strategic activities.

According to another survey, HRSD adoption rate has made strides, in 2020, in organizations that are leveraging ServiceNow at enterprise-level; 35% of them have implemented ServiceNow HRSD. The Now platform delivers rich experiences with its phenomenal features that can truly transform your HR Service Delivery.

Let us see how to prepare your enterprise and get your team in the right mindset to successfully implement ServiceNow HRSD. Having a guide can help your enterprise be aware of implementation risks and get a superior & efficient design.

1. Define HR services and goals:

To ensure that implementation creates value for your enterprise, it is essential to have an appropriate implementation plan. To do that, first you need to define your vision, business objectives and metrics for success. Determine the services you are targeting like payroll, benefits and employee relations and the processes behind them.

While defining goals, it is important to take into account the needs of employees, after all ServiceNow HRSD is about enhancing employee experiences. Take a step back and think like an employee. Try to understand your employees’ perspective and learn about their most asked questions to see what they want and care about.

Improve visibility of HR work with full transparency in status of HR cases and requests. Arm your employees to find answers on their own with a robust knowledge base. Set realistic expectations for HR engagements and case resolution time to improve both HR and employee experience.

2. Gather the right team:

Choose your champions of change. Implementing and maintaining a HRSD instance requires the support of multiple teams and specific skills. Ensure you have the right team to take up the task. Identify a project manager who has experience in ServiceNow and leading software implementation projects. Engage with your HR team in business process design as they will be able to provide the most information and support. Involve stakeholders who have broad insight across the organization who will make the adoption process easier.

Assess your team’s readiness; confirm if your technical team comprising of ServiceNow system administrators, development and testing resources have the necessary skills needed to take up implementation and maintenance. If you are involving a ServiceNow partner for the job, then ensure your internal maintenance team is part of the process so that they can own the system after implementation, without knowledge transfer.

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3. Engage with more tools:

Eliminate data silos and engage your other business functions and tools with ServiceNow. Make a list of other tools that the HR team uses to fulfil requests and determine your integration needs. If you use one system for payroll, another for employee background checks and a different one for electronic signatures, then integrate all your systems seamlessly into ServiceNow HRSD with the Now platform’s powerful integration tools.

Expand your capabilities beyond HR and enhance employee experience. Some of the tools or platforms that ServiceNow integrates effortlessly with are SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle, PeopleSoft, AdobeSign and DocuSign.

4. Create governance structure:

Set up a governance structure to monitor and manage implementation and post-implementation processes. Implementation governance will support the successful implementation and post-implementation governance will support the long-term success of your HRSD environment. Assign dedicated ServiceNow platform owner, business process owners, HR representatives, IT service desk lead and other stakeholders. Assign technical representatives including the resources responsible for support, administration, security and integration.

A constructive governance structure is crucial as often systems are maintained by IT, but there may be sensitive information meant only for the eyes of the HR. As best practice, companies often appoint a HR IT individual or team dedicated to administration.

5. Start small, but start Now:

Building a complete catalog of HR services takes time. Start small by shifting your spreadsheets, emails and records to ServiceNow. By starting now and collecting metrics over time, you will gain insights on the services requested frequently. This allows your enterprise to add services that will truly help you to move the needle in a significant way. The same applies to a robust knowledge base. It is almost impossible to begin with a solid knowledge article base with hundreds of case types, it can be built only over time.

The biggest challenge while implementing a platform is lack of organizational adoption. A sudden advanced change may overwhelm the HR professionals and the employees and create uncertainty of how it will impact their daily operations. Consume change in convenient quantities; introducing functionalities in small doses with the necessary change management helps in transforming your HR Service Delivery, without the end users having a big impact. A slow roll out also helps HR representatives to do their core job consistently instead of responding to queries by employees as to how to operate the new platform. Transformation takes time, but in a few years, you will see dramatic results in terms of ROI.



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