Magento 2.0

To PWA or not to PWA?

With the path of innovation that retail has treaded upon, the onus of merchants to boost digital commerce is immense. Along with the growing focus on mobile experiences, even the browsing pattern of users has changed remarkably. Along with the native apps and the web browsers,…

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Checklist: Are You Using These Ten Game-Changing Magento Commerce Cloud Features?

Impeccable brand interaction, owning your customer experiences, and carving out personalized content is the path to deliver a smooth purchase experience. With Magento commerce cloud, the whole of this process becomes seamless. It erases the boundaries between possibility and impossibility, empowering retailers to…

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How Best to Manage Product Returns Through Your E-Commerce Site with Magento

One of the main reasons e-commerce platforms have overtaken the traditional way of shopping is that people have been introduced to the convenience of receiving all their favorite items at their doorstep. And while you’d…

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