Digital Storefronts are indispensable today for retailers since shopping habits have undergone a sea change within the last few years, especially with the worldwide outbreak of the pandemic. Going virtual, contactless are the new buzzwords in the retail world. The digital storefront today serves as a salesperson, and so it should act the same. Retailers should work on their digital storefronts so much so that they are no less than an ever-smiling salesperson who were there for the customers while they shopped in stores. Customers mustn’t experience any glitches while they are digitally shopping; they must have all the assistance that they need while enjoying their autonomy.

In this piece, we shall discuss how to strike that perfect balance and make your digital storefront most impactful.

How to make your Digital Storefront Impactful?


Finding out if shoppers can seamlessly shop on their mobile devices is crucial. Mobile shopping should be effortless. You can find its performance by comparing your earlier mobile traffic to your mobile web conversion rates. In case you have high mobile traffic but low conversions, then give your mobile-first approach some thought. 

Tips for an Effortless Mobile-First Approach


Loyalty is the New Currency for both Old and New Customers

Spending a few dollars for customer acquisition and delight is common, but feeling complacent at it is the final nail in the coffin. You are at a risk of customer loss. However, to have a competitive edge you can offer your customers a loyalty program. The best thing about loyalty programs is that they increase the revenue size and customer base.

Magento Commerce cloud can natively support customer loyalty programs. Its flexible point systems allow you to reward your shoppers under a wide range of criteria such as transactions, activities, or promotions. Magento also facilitates customizing the programs using an intuitive configuration screen.

Seamless Navigation along with Adequate Product Information

An excellent device-agnostic search experience is crucial to attract users to your digital storefront. Magento’s Live Search option, a default feature, delivers lightning-fast, hyper-relevant search results. Besides, it also uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to perform deep analysis of aggregated customer data.

Eventually, when this data is combined with Magento’s commerce catalog, the result is highly engaging, personalized shopping experiences. Features like smart filtering, semantic search, and auto-fills allow customers to find what they are looking for in lesser time with fewer scrolls.

Personalized Product Recommendations can analyze customer behavior and recommend products depending on their buying context; also, it can offer generalized recommendations in case of an anonymous user.


Leveraging social media is the secret sauce for eCommerce success. Knowing the apt ingredients, however, is tough. Let’s have a quick look at how you can become a social butterfly without going overboard.

Be Sociable

Times have changed but his saying holds true even today, with some change in the format. Word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire via digital mediums, primarily social media. Therefore, a prominent social media presence can’t be denied. However, the social media presence must be chosen with care and brand specific, since if you go to the wrong place and talk about your products, hardly shall you get conversions. Your social circle should be in sync with your brand philosophy. Understand your audience first to go social. Your presence should be strong enough to kick off a conversation with your customer community.

Pro-Tip: Do not underestimate video platforms

Allow Social Media Logins

Instead of making your potential customers go through a lengthy registering process, why not make their job simple? Allow them to register at your site using their social media credentials. The benefits are many. First, customers can easily become a part of your social and content ecosystem. Second, customers feel that your business is an organic part of the social media environment. Last but not the least, your goal of registering more users with your site is accomplished.

Go that Extra Mile

Information like product details and how to use them are nice to have and essential for a customer to make a purchase decision. Have you ever wondered how to add that extra flavor to such details and make them less mundane? Social media can go a long way in such cases. You can bring in the concept of influencers who will show real-life videos of the product usage or unboxing the same. Such steps help customers relate more to your product and also, they feel more convinced. Thus, the goal of customer connect is check listed.

Wrapping it Up

Considering the digital era that we are dwelling in; retail brands should change the way they approach sales. With digital commerce gaining a giant share of the retail landscape, the approach should be customer-centric. As the saying goes, ‘’A smart salesperson listens to emotions, not facts,” eCommerce merchants should be smart enough to gauge customer wants by looking at their digital body language. They should have a digital storefront that’s more approachable, informative, and engaging for customers to have an uninterrupted and enjoyable shopping journey.