Impeccable brand interaction, owning your customer experiences, and carving out personalized content is the path to deliver a smooth purchase experience. With Magento commerce cloud, the whole of this process becomes seamless. It erases the boundaries between possibility and impossibility, empowering retailers to create bold and unique shopping experiences. 

Magento is a cost-effective, innovative platform that comprises rich, out-of-the-box functionalities, and powerful business tools enabling brands to stay ahead of the curve in an aggressive market. It offers brands complete flexibility and control over the functionality of their online channel. 

In this blog, we shall try our best to explore some of the hidden gems within the Magento platform that shall make your retail business a breeze. 

  1. Offering Customer Delight with Unique Checkout Process
    When a customer adds a product to the cart, simultaneously a lot of things take place at the backend. One use case could be a price increase. In such cases, chances of cart abandonment are high, but with Magento’s unique functionality it isn’t a challenge. In Magento, freezing product prices for a certain time is possible so that customers can avail the discounted price.The second use case is when there is a price change, customers receive notification and they are free to decide as per convenience.Third, when there is a dip in price, customers receive quick notifications so that they can grab the discount before it disappears.
  2. Persistent Cart
    Have you ever experienced the disappointment of losing all the products that you had added to your cart? It can frustrate, right! Not only that but also brands might lose out on potential customers. But with Magento’s persistent cart functionality, it’s no more the case. Customers can have their cart intact as long as the product is active in eCommerce. It is a way to enhance customer delight since they needn’t go through the hassle of searching the products all over again and adding them to their cart. 
  3. Session Time
    Functionality and security are the cornerstones of an eCommerce business. This is exactly where the power of determining session time becomes useful. It is a default functionality in Magento and there are two ways to determine session timeFor customers, where security is the primary concern, session time is minimal to ensure that customers aren’t idle on the site for long and their security remains uncompromised. On the other hand, configuring longer session time is possible for the admin users so that they can work on all the backend jobs uninterruptedly.

  4. Promotions
    Most eCommerce sites support straightforward promotions such as simple coupons or flat promotions. But Magento offers a plethora of ways to create promotion. There could be the use of coupons and within coupons, it is possible to integrate multiple rules. Some such examples are couponfree promotions, based on the product category. Besides, there are bulk coupons, or no-coupons, or promotions based on customer segmentation. A Magento expert can easily set up the rule to offer promotions of your choice. 
  5. Instant Purchase
    A cumbersome checkout process, can irritate shoppers, but Magento takes care of it. The Instant Purchase feature of Magento ensures a faster checkout experience. When a customer selects the ‘Instant Purchase’ button, they land on the confirmation page where they can place the order with ease. The customer need not enter their address, payment options, or shipping preferences, Magento fetches all of it for them. However, this feature can work only for customers who have their card details saved. 
  6. Reward Points
    When you reward a customer for showing brand loyalty, customer delight is certain. Using the Magento commerce cloud, retailers can build customer loyalty with special reward programs. Apart from customer loyalty, there are points for registering a customer account, product review submissions, newsletter signups, and much more. The best part in Magento is that reward points are configurable, so retailers can set a cap on the number of reward points a customer accrues and determine the expiry date of the points. 
  7. Marketing
    Retailers can take their marketing activities to the next level with Magento functionalities. Every time a customer abandons a cart, there are multiple ways to remind them about the same. It could be pop-up messages while they are on the site, or it could also be other communication channels like messages. The objective is to create a sense of urgency (an age-old tried and tested marketing strategy) among customers so that they complete their purchase as soon as possible. 
  8. Product Rating and Feedback
    Sometimes, there are invalid negative reviews on eCommerce sites and they may have inappropriate contentSuch instances could tarnish the brand image. But with Magento, brands needn’t worry about such a thing. The reason is that Magento has a strict filtering process wherein all the reviews go through a stringent quality check and only the genuine ones become visible to the public. 
  9. Segment Creation
    In Magento, brands can create segments within customer groups and these customers can enjoy their own benefits, like buying products at a special price. Also, it is possible to create special logins with email ids or phone numbers when the retailer is keen to promote a particular organization or their subbrand. 
  10. Voice Search
    Retailers must ensure that their sites are compatible with the needs of a specially-abled person. And therein comes the beauty of Voice Search in Magento. In the Community edition of Magento, voice search comes as a default functionality. However, it isn’t limited to mere search but can read product specifications to ease out the entire shopping journey. It helps the retailer customize the entire functionality as per their business requirement. 

Why exploring Magento a little deeper could be a good option? 

At face value, Magento might appear pretty simple, but if you delve down further, you shall soon realize that it has innumerable features that are no less than a gold mine for retailers. With the increasing complexity of commerce operations and growing customer demand, nothing can beat the essence of a robust and intuitive eCommerce platform. And with Magento commerce cloud the hassle of doing business declines. While retailers focus on factors that require higher emotional intelligence, Magento can take care of other integral aspects of the business. Unleashing Magento to its fullest potential can help you craft tailor-made solutions for your business.