Digital commerce cloud

The value pitch: Scale-up your ecommerce business with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The year 2021 heralded the dawn of a new era in retail and ecommerce. The pandemic triggered a tremendous shift in nearly everything digital, and while 2020 will be remembered as an outlier in terms of the frenetic…

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Checklist: Are You Using These Ten Game-Changing Magento Commerce Cloud Features?

Impeccable brand interaction, owning your customer experiences, and carving out personalized content is the path to deliver a smooth purchase experience. With Magento commerce cloud, the whole of this process becomes seamless. It erases the boundaries between possibility and impossibility, empowering retailers to…

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Quick Start Curbside Pickup Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With social distancing being the norm during the pandemic, retailers have come up with an innovative solution Curbside Pickup to offer their customers a safer option to collect their orders. It has seen an increase…

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