Insurers today, are at the crossroads of adopting agile workflows and AI driven business solutions for improving the operational efficiency in Managed Services. A Legacy system reduces  productivity of the helpdesk teams, increases redundant tickets and eventually leads to higher costs. Morever, with the necessity  to frequently upgrade the IT systems, Insurance companies aim to adopt Artificial Intelligence as the backbone of Service Ticket Workflow management and provide domain specific customization for an enhanced experience. Cognitive Managed Services aims to deliver this.

Do not let the chips fall

Insurers face challenges like manual processes and complex ticket workflows that stops them from adopting new software for managing and processing claims. They are also keen on delivering top-notch customer service through an end-to-end streamlined service with fully functional IT system. So, one just cannot let the chips fall to redundant tickets and inefficient Service Ticket Workflows. Service Ticket Workflow plays a vital role in the ticketing journey in an IT system, as an efficient workflow helps in faster resolution of tickets.

Service Ticket Workflow

Here, we need to understand the important stakeholders of a typical Service Ticket Workflow. The helpdesk professional to whom the ticket is assigned, the client who has created the ticket and any other third-party member who gives additional information on the ticket. Cognitive Managed Services assigns a ticket based on ticket priority and ensures faster resolution.

It also ensures that there is no ticket redundancy. The AI/ML engine runs in such a way that it categorizes the ticket based on the history. For instance, if the ticket is about a hardware issue, it automates the process flow and assigns it to a hardware group. Furthermore, the ticket creator gets information about the progress of the ticket through real time dashboards and tracking.

Platform specific workflow management

For Insurers who are existing users of platforms like Guidewire are the greatest benefiters of Cognitive Managed Services. The end-to-end Guidewire Managed services helps in ticket workflow automation and improves productivity of helpdesk teams. AI driven Guidewire Managed Services assures the SLAs are mutually agreed. Further, this helps in carrying out Day-to-Day tasks seamlessly.

Benefits of Optimized Service Ticket Workflow:

  • Reduced Costs: Enhanced Service Ticket Workflow results in operational cost savings of up to 45%.
  • Increased Productivity: While AI algorithms such as NLP and OCR retrieves and automates prioritizing service requests, the productivity of front office and back-office operations increases by 70%.
  • Reduced ticket incidents: The occurrence of redundant tickets decreases by 33% and avoids incidents.
  • Adherence to SLAs: An optimized Service Ticket Workflow enhances the SLA compliance by categorizing service requests based on priority with minimal to no human intervention.

Aspire Systems has collaborated with Guidewire to provide AI-driven application management services and capitalized on its insurance domain expertise to deliver excellence for P&C and Life insurers. Our partnerships with some of the leading Life and P&C insurers and our rich domain experience with Guidewire application management services has helped enterprises save more than 40% of the total costs with respect to implementation of Guidewire insurance suite.

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