In difficult economic conditions it may be easy to compare between you and large enterprises towards business promotion activities in the market you operate. The fact is you need to create assets through investment i.e. Less Budget v/s Ample Time with imagination and not for the sake of creativity.

Imagination is thinking about any other marketing channels which we may have not applied due to traditional approach mind-set. Here is an opportunity to adopt Omnipresence strategy, as the name suggests that there is value everywhere with apt audience (See how Retail store has set the stage for a seamless shopping future).

Mostly media companies adopt a go to market strategy with acquisition of Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL) capabilities through the following:

  • Voice – Radio Station
  • Print – Newspaper
  • Billboards  – Advertisement
  • Visual – Television Channel

The Radio station may tell the subscribers to watch a product that is on the TV, the TV commercials may try to sell newspaper advertising and in short cross promotion.

This not the final goal because you use social media , promote other networks or invite people to join email list, read blog, check out any paid advertising, and with any free traditional promotions like Analog networking and distributing brochures.

You may ask why? That is what Omnipresence strategy is – being everywhere with audience and different from Omni-Channel anywhere concept. Being in sales, we know that repeated follow-up is necessary to convert prospects to potential buyers as per the Statistics That Determine Success.
omni channel retail

Interested people may log onto Facebook and read something, see Tweets in their timelines, and wait, check out your status on LinkedIn – and of course, receive a nice email from you, read blog, advertisement, fliers etc., then… there’s no way you are not in their mind when they need you.

Also you may be thinking “Doesn’t over exposure turn negative” not really because you create value and strengthen relationship without hard selling. Then audience like to hear from you anywhere to try or buy your products or services, thereby increasing chances of sales.

Think often on high-value and highly appreciated communications across multi-channels. Don’t have budget? Use your imagination and utilize as many free channels that are in your marketplace.



Sudhakar Gowda