AI Chatbots

Enhance Customer Experience with AI driven recommendations

Ways Retailers Are Using AI to Enhance The Customer experience and Operational Efficiency  Employing Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Sales and Customer Satisfaction  Automation of services has reached a tipping point, providing consumers with the much-needed capability to complete…

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Deliver superior customer experience with automated chatbots

Many studies state that most organizations make only about 5% to 20% of sales with new customers whereas they make 60% to 70% sales when it comes to existing customers. This speaks volumes about how…

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Is Complex Conversational by Chatbots at Banks, The Right Way to Go?

Complex Conversational Exchanges with a Bot – Are we there yet? In the age of Siri, Cortana and the Google Assistant in particular, which can make appointments and personal phone calls on a user’s behalf,…

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