Internet of things

Finny’s Second Appearance on Radio Talk Show

In Stu’s second interview on “Stu Taylor on Business”, Aspire’s Digital Business Expert, Finny Chellakumar discussed his views on digital customer experiences and how Aspire’s Digital Solutions can help organizations to provide superior customer experience. Here is…

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Aspire’s Digital Business Head Went Live on Stu Taylor on Business

In the age of digital disruption, the future obviously looks better for those who are viewing digital as an opportunity to outperform leaders in their industries. However, the wrong digital strategy can spell disaster for…

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87% Consumers don’t understand what IoT is. Do Retailers understand IoT?

IoT is no doubt inducing retail investments but at the same time making in-roads for the retailer to connect with the customer at every possible opportunity and accentuate their shopping experience. This clearly indicates that…

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