Robotic Arm – An Asset For Testing Your POS Systems

Robots are blowing away the digital world with its unique and extraordinary abilities to perform tasks in an eye blink that human beings take hours, or even days to accomplish. Robots are no longer confined…

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Personalization is no longer a “nice-to-have” but a “must-have” for retailers to win and retain customer loyalty.

What exactly is personalization? Contextual customer experiences are no longer a “nice to have” in today’s highly competitive marketplace; they are a “must-have”.  While nearly every retailer today promises to “personalize” their shopper’s experience, just…

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How to enhance CX with AI driven recommendations – A B2C business POV

Aspire’s Krishnan Jayaraman Vice President & Business Head – Data Analytics and RPA sat down with Krish Lakshminarayanan Vice President – Digital Engineering & Advanced Analytics at Dine Brands Global, for a very special AI…

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Elevate your business with Oracle Analytics Cloud-driven data-rich insights

As a key decision-maker, you cannot risk making off-the-cuff decisions that may end up negatively impact your strategic business goals. Every decision you take must be enriched with data that flows through your organization. Hence,…

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In the times of the Coronavirus, Here is a Win – Win for the Banks and the Customers

The sudden making of a pandemic from a seafood market in China has truly disrupted the world order, throwing countries and businesses into global disarray. Amidst all the helter-skelter, there’s hope and once we arise…

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Intelligent Campaigns – Orchestrate every customer interaction

Ever wondered how an autopilot system flies a plane? How Siri or Google assistants work? or how some cars are voice activated? The ability of computers to process logic is not refutable but its ability…

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Gear Up for 2019 with Intelligent Automation Financial Services

With the sudden wave of transformation across the financial landscape, there is extreme pressure on companies to remove repetitive and monotonous tasks with robotic process automation (RPA). According to Data Hadoop, 10% to 20% of…

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Driving Retail Decisions With Data Analytics

Driving Retail Decisions With Data – More Than Ever Before Everyone knows that Usain Bolt leveraged data analytics to set the world famous 9.58 second Olympic record, but do you know that you can also…

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Episerver Ascend USA 2018

Join Aspire Systems at ascend 2018 to find out how you can use Episerver to transform a customer’s digital journey with Artificial Intelligence and personalization.

Intelligent Apps- Driving the Future of Tomorrow’s Enterprises

In the movie Iron Man, Tony Stark’s computer system J. A. R. V. I. S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) controls everything for the genius billionaire- from helping him destroy criminals to running his…

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