Aspire’s Krishnan Jayaraman Vice President & Business Head – Data Analytics and RPA sat down with Krish Lakshminarayanan Vice President – Digital Engineering & Advanced Analytics at Dine Brands Global, for a very special AI fireside chat and is just about 29 minutes long.

Hosted at the Aspire Systems in India, the two AI enthusiasts covered a wide range of topics around tech, AI for business, hyper-personalization and machine learning techniques.

Sneak peek: AI use cases that have the potential to deliver business value

Watch the Fireside chat to hear how to enhance CX with AI driven recommendations from a B2C business POV, and why we believe the technology will power all businesses in the near future.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been recognized as a central enabler of digital transformation. It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to be able to create value in a highly competitive and ever-changing business environment. AI needs rich, clean and consistent data to learn unifying customer data – key to any AI exercise.

Learn how Aspire Systems is enabling more AI adoption in this post-pandemic age to bring data-powered organisations to life. Discover how firms are growing AI operations from pilot to product and delivering better business outcomes through the operationalization of AI.

  • The role of AI in establishing a data-driven organization
  • How to enhance CX with AI driven recommendations
  • Key criteria that must be considered to enable the effective implementation of an AI strategy, as well as frequent problems that businesses must overcome

Explore techniques for using analytics and AI that are secure, controlled, and scalable. If you want to discover more about the possibilities of AI in your organisation and how you can use your data to your advantage, grab a copy of our brochure “ – The AI Powered Data-driven Framework