5 Key Fixes for Neobanks to Reign the Banking World

The progression of the financial industry increased 2 times with the introduction of neobanks. Neobanks are instant banks as they work in simple, fast, and hassle-free ways. This is a dream come true innovation, especially…

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Judo Bank: The Success Story of a Neobank

A majority of Australian economy depends on the SMEs with employment size ranging from 0 to less than 200. The statistics from a report in 2019, states that Australian businesses comprise 97.7% of small businesses…

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The Secret Sauce of Neobank Success – An Explanation and Exploration

Traditional banks are losing their hegemony to a new breed of digital only banks without a so called ‘brick and mortar’ building. These digital apps are disrupting the way consumers have been looking at banking…

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