AI and ML

Intelligent Process Automation: The Turning Point in Robotic Process Automation

The financial crisis of 2007 – 2009 has spurred many companies across the world to adopt lean management to reap the benefits in terms of simultaneously improved cost efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement on…

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Benefits of AI and ML in Retail Industry viz., how to leverage AI/ML solutions in decision making process?

The retail industry is being transformed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Retailers, today can use AI to engage with their consumers and run sales and marketing plans more effectively, from utilising computer vision to modify promotions in real time to…

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The Secret Sauce of Neobank Success – An Explanation and Exploration

Traditional banks are losing their hegemony to a new breed of digital only banks without a so called ‘brick and mortar’ building. These digital apps are disrupting the way consumers have been looking at banking…

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