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Predicting RoI on marketing activities in retail industry

Marketing was once a simple proposition concept, it was required to create advertising campaigns for “brand-building”, which generated leads, and then it drove sales and their job was done. However, with changing times and digital evolution, the concept of marketing has also evolved. In this…

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Benefits of AI and ML in Retail Industry viz., how to leverage AI/ML solutions in decision making process?

The retail industry is being transformed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Retailers, today can use AI to engage with their consumers and run sales and marketing plans more effectively, from utilising computer vision to modify promotions in real time to…

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Importance of Survey Analytics in Retail Industry

There is nothing more important than the general public’s opinion when it comes to marketing. After all, without public approval and purchase, it would be impossible to get any product or idea off the ground.  Companies, on…

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