ar and vr in retail

Benefits of AI and ML in Retail Industry viz., how to leverage AI/ML solutions in decision making process?

The retail industry is being transformed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Retailers, today can use AI to engage with their consumers and run sales and marketing plans more effectively, from utilising computer vision to modify promotions in real time to…

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Retailers’ Roadmap to long-term success: Building Smarter Experiences

In the previous blog, we had seen a list of solutions that retailers can adopt to modernize and mature their enterprise applications to ensure long-term success in the New Normal. With the current COVID-19 scenario,…

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Augmented Reality: Driving Retail Business to the Next Level

We are on the threshold of a compelling, expansive and imaginative time in which our experiences and our reality are being expanded through the merging of the physical and virtual worlds. Immersive technologies such as…

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