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Predicting RoI on marketing activities in retail industry

Marketing was once a simple proposition concept, it was required to create advertising campaigns for “brand-building”, which generated leads, and then it drove sales and their job was done. However, with changing times and digital evolution, the concept of marketing has also evolved. In this…

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Phygital malls, localization and AR: There’s no avoiding it, APAC consumers demand digital!

Perhaps, while you are reading this blog, someone would have just stepped into a retail store or popular mall, tried on a few clothes and made their purchase without ever pulling out their cards. And…

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Putting The Glitter Back In The Jewellery Industry- The SFCC Way

Everything a jeweller needs to know before starting on their E-commerce journey It’s not always glitz and glam for the jewellery industry. Retailers thrive on wooing the buyer with a high touch and feel the…

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