The quintessential factor of any industry is the customer experience. Hundreds of innovations, thousands of solutions, and continuous upgrades all target one thing– customer’s comfort. The banking industry is no exception here and this is the reason why most fintechs are booming. To be on top of the financial industry, the formula is simple- provide what the customer needs. However, while the formula is simple, it is still a tricky business to understand customer requirements.

In the banking industry, overall customer experience is decided based on three areas: customer onboarding, customer relationship, and customer retention. We at Aspire, have come up with different solutions to ensure these three are in check. With more than 150 digital experts and more than 50 digital implementations, our CX services suite has proven agile development abilities. We have a team of approximately 200 experts who have worked with more than 45 customers.

Why Aspire’s CX services?

CX Service Suite

Aspire’s CX services suite is divided majorly into 3 categories:

  1. Customer onboarding
  2. The everyday Digi bank
  3. Analytics for me

These three are further classified into different categories and each of them has several offerings. Let’s have a tour of our CX services suite.

CX Service Suite

Customer onboarding

There are 2 categories under customer onboarding – Digital and Branch. Most banks are digitalizing their services to reduce time and human effort therefore, our offerings are also in sync with the emerging digitalization. Our offerings including eKYC, biometric authentication, e-signature, etc., that ensures smooth onboarding of the customers.

We specialize in automating most of these services therefore the whole process is done faster and with reduced human effort. Take the example of Financial Crime Mitigation services here we have incorporated automation to check the creditworthiness of the customer. Another example of a time-consuming process in customer onboarding is loan origination. With hyper-automation, we aim to run the loan origination process smoothly with minimal efforts.

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The everyday Digi bank

Most banks are moving their services to the cloud for easy infrastructure maintenance. This also provides an opportunity for banks to localize their offerings as the data is distributed among the local servers. Another factor which engages the customer is Personal Finance Management (PFM). The more personalized your bank’s offerings are, the better is the customer relationship.

Keeping in mind these two areas, the everyday Digi bank aims to offer services with 2 categories – Empower and Engage. To empower banks, we provide services under PFM which is based on the customer transactions and financial behaviour. We analyse the requirements and offer services like spend analytics, budgeting tools, financial advice, smarter finance, etc. Under customer engagement, we offer geo-based services like providing the services in the local language, etc. With our 24/7 customer support and chatbots, banks are in safe hands with respect to customer relationship.

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Analytics for me

For better customer retention, banks have to understand the real-time need of the customers. Apart from that, banks have to constantly monitor their customers as per financial fraud management. Therefore, we present to you, our customer analytics tool- Customer 360. From customer intelligence to fraud analytics, customer 360 aims to provide real-time status reports surrounding the customer’s financial transactions. Thus, it becomes easy for banks to analyse their campaign management so as to suit the real-time need of the customers. With proper analysis, banks can promote their services to the right customers.

Apart from these 3 categories, Aspire’s CX also concentrates on the following:

1. Superior UI/UX

At the end of the day, banks create the first impression on the customers with their UI/UX. Customers expect a simple, organized, and concise UI/UX. It takes a lot to maintain such UI/UX and therefore, we take utmost care in ensuring the right UI/UX is placed at the end user’s plate. Also, based on customer’s feedback, we continuously upgrade the same.

2. Marketplace Banking

The current trend expect banks to be more open and transparent to the customers. Affirmative to the same, banks are slowly coming out of their ‘reserved nests’ and are choosing marketplace banking. With a pool of innovation and feedback, banks have an opportunity to excel and hence, increase the level of competition. Therefore, with our marketplace banking, we take care of all the backend processes ensuring that the banks are at the top of the competition.

A Takeaway

When it comes to trend-setting, Aspire always stays at the digital forefront and provide offerings that meet the global mark. The same applies in the customer experience as well. From going 100% paperless to achieving 60% cut in time-to-market for functionalities, many banks stand worldwide as witnesses to our offerings.

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