This time last year, Aspire Systems had inked a strategic partnership during TCF 2016 with Temenos to implement their Channel solutions. TCF (Temenos Community Forum), an exclusive event for Temenos customers, is a forum where they meet, ideate and discuss the future of the payments industry.

While the digitization wave has hit the banking industry and where customer interactions have really made an impact on their service offerings, innovative banking channels have risen to be the most important phenomena this year. Developing and deploying online channels aiding to faster payments is now clearly a top priority for banks.

Temenos Channel delivers to banking customers a consistent user experience across all devices. A vision was developed within Aspire Systems to unlock the value of Temenos Channel Solutions to all other core banking solutions users. Fulfilling this vision, the Aspire Expert Connect Group comprising of 63 senior banking technologists have launched a new innovation called authsqr.


Largest Temenos TCIB Implementation Team

Being well received at Temenos Innovation Jam, Abu Dhabi, UAE, this year authsqr, is scheduled to be launched at Temenos Community Forum 2017.

What do Millennials want from Banks?

This year, Aspire Systems is a silver sponsor at TCF 2017 in Lisbon. Aspire Systems has adopted ‘The Millennial Banking Recipe’ as the theme for this gathering to portray the trends and challenges of this new aspirational clientele. Millennials are a demographic that’s rapidly maturing in terms of their economic strength, social influence and political power. They represent the greatest challenge—and growth potential—for banks today. Many banks face the wrath from millennials when it comes to digital banking, not keeping up to expectations and further spiraling downward to dismay.

Keeping this in mind, the senior experts at Aspire have stirred the perfect millennial banking recipe with core ingredients of course being Temenos products. At booth #3, TCF 2017 attendees will be given a one-on-one brief about a combination of banking recipes that will work its magic when put to best use at their organization.

 A Chance to Relish Temenos Channels

Aspire’s experts will be available at Lisbon from 24th April – 28th April, 2017 to meet with banking experts interested in  exploring possibilities with Temenos Channels. With millennial customers of an enigmatic appeal , Aspire’s highly experienced professionals can ideate a perfect digital experience solution for bankers. To book an appointment with the experts please express your interest for meeting us at TCF 2017 here.

Aspire Systems cordially welcomes you to visit our booth #3 at Lisbon Congress Centre, Lisbon from 25-27 April 2017 during TCF. Cheers to unlimited technology innovations and effortless business strategizing!

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