With the rise of the cloud, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, traditional IT infrastructure is fast becoming obsolete. ITOM modules in ServiceNow are in vogue among businesses to manage this seismic shift and ensure IT teams remain dynamic to meet changing business needs. A recent Gartner report said enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing is set to surpass spending on traditional IT in 2025. In fact, by 2025, 66% of spending on application software will go towards cloud technologies.

The cloud shift encompasses much more than just investing in and implementing cutting-edge cloud infrastructure. Enterprises are racing to adopt and adapt next-gen IT technologies and philosophies to ensure long-term cost optimization and a multi-year growth boom without any operational disruptions. Hence, businesses across industries are embracing cloud solutions to hasten innovation, expand market reach and reduce IT costs. ServiceNow IT Operations Management provides full visibility into an organization’s IT Infrastructure, alerts manager about issues before they occur and improves operational agility.

ServiceNow ITOM in a nutshell

Dependence on modern IT technologies is a double-edged sword. Even the smallest malfunction could completely disrupt services. An IT outage has a severe impact on all aspects of an organization. With ServiceNow ITOM implementation, the enterprise gets a one-stop platform that provides solutions for cloud utilization, outage prevention, service health monitoring, failure impact analysis, cost-effective cloud services and automation opportunities.

The ITOM dashboard gives deep insights into the health of the IT infrastructure supported by predictive intelligence and machine learning. ServiceNow ITOM zeroes in on inefficient service deliveries, pesky anomalies in the infrastructure and suggests tried-and tested solutions. It facilitates a more responsive and dynamic IT ecosystem that easily integrates with other technologies for smooth service delivery using the low-code/no-code approach.

Key ITOM modules in ServiceNow

Discovery: Any organization that wants visibility over their infrastructure or IT operations management has to have devices inventory or configuration item in CMDB. ServiceNow Discovery automatically scans the organizational infrastructure and identifies all applications and devices, including other ServiceNow offerings and third-party tools and platforms, and records all the information in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This saves IT service agents a lot of time and eliminates manual errors in CMDB data.

ServiceNow ITOM Event Management: ServiceNow ITOM Event Management module is credited with reducing P1 and P2 incidents by 67% along with ServiceNow-powered process improvements. The module offers continuous monitoring of all activities and immediately flags any anomaly. It helps prevent any disruption to service by catching problems before they spiral. ServiceNow also uses this data to provide detailed impact analysis and suggest improvements to IT and business service delivery.

Service Mapping: By automating the service mapping process with ServiceNow, enterprises can access up-to-date and accurate records of digital services in CMDB. This module works hand-in-hand with Discovery. Discovery identifies all Configuration Items that support a service and their service-specific relationships while Service Mapping builds on this data to show organizations how specific services are routed across the digital infrastructure.

Service Orchestration: ServiceNow Service Orchestration let organizations build workflows to automate repetitive and simple tasks, freeing agents to work on more complex matters. Service Orchestration empowers stakeholders, keeping them updated on all tasks and overall operations.

Benefits of ServiceNow ITOM

  • 90% reduction in noise for easier problem identification
  • 67% reduction in P1 and P2 incidents
  • 35% increase in incident prediction which reduced risk of vulnerability
  • Up to 70% increase in productivity with automation of vulnerability assignment
  • 50% reduction in time taken for root cause analysis with machine learning and AIOps
  • 50% increase in speed of patching vulnerabilities thereby reducing risk
  • Faster delivery of services with automated service registration and quicker response to incidents

P1 and P2 incident management is a breeze with ServiceNow ITOM. With ITOM, organizations can improve the consistency and reliability of IT services, automate processes, optimize usage of current resources and save money on infrastructure. The module also equips decision-makers with the data they need to plan future IT investments and enhance their cloud strategy.

With more than 100 successful projects in the bag, Aspire Systems is the go-to choice for businesses around the world for ServiceNow implementation and optimization. Aspire’s team is well-versed in all modules of the platform from Orchestration and Hybrid Cloud Management to SecOps, PPM and HR Management. Read our white paper to know more about how orchestrating intelligent workflows with ServiceNow ITOM can lead to a 92% reduction in events/week.

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