We all love ROIs.

Human minds are driven by ROIs, be it getting the cheapest deal for your favorite mobile phone in the flash sale or getting clothes for the upcoming festival, how much you invest and how much you get in return for the investment you made matters.

Enterprises today are also driven by this millennial trend and industry leaders are aiming to get high returns especially when it comes to IT application management services (AMS) with lower investment. Modern day’s AMS is driven by two key metrics, analytics and automation, analytics for getting the things right and automation for things to be agile. Artificial intelligence can hold both these up and when cognitive philosophy is applied to AMS, the benefits skyrocket and breaks the traditional AMS setup of break-fix-maintenance.

Benefits of AI AMS

Unbelievable cost savings

As mentioned earlier, money matters and having an AMS for your enterprise that goes soft on your company’s account book is definitely a great thing. AI driven AMS can help you save up to 70% of the application management cost, as it focuses on analytics to achieve cost cutting strategy and reduces burden on the helpdesk team. When there is less burden of work for the helpdesk, few people can be employed to handle everyday tasks of the helpdesk team leading to cost savings.


Reduced Ticket Velocity

AI in AMS can help you reduce the ticket velocity as it automates ticket prioritization and predicts the ticket velocity up to 3-4 months. Moreover, the AI algorithm targets the high velocity or redundant tickets and does a causal analysis to categorize the ticket. When deployed over a time, this helps to reduce the ticket velocity by 60% leading to efficient ticket management.

No more ambiguous SLAs

Most of the helpdesk team suffers due to inefficient work culture and indefinite delays in ticket resolution time. Usually, in traditional AMS it lies at the discretion of the helpdesk team to define SLAs. With AI AMS, you will be now able to bring the SLAs to the table and assign it to the tickets based on the complexity of the solution. SLAs may also be assigned based on the past complexity, ticket resolution time through efficient analytics.

Your L1 and L2 support is in safe hands

Enterprises feel the burden when their L1 and L2 support takes more time to resolve a ticket and leads to internal escalation. Here, with AI AMS your ticket resolution time will come down by 33% and gives a multiplier effect to your business. Your AMS becomes effective in resolving issues related to performances of external services, monitoring of transaction metrics and performances issues related to API and middleware at all three levels of support. (L1, L2 and L3)

Not just an AMS

A great amount of thought and research was put in while developing AI AMS and it can think like a Human and act like a machine, hence AI AMS is not just an AMS but can do a lot more than what you might think it can do. AI AMS is disruptive in delivering solutions for the entire application lifecycle and is effective in targeting the high frequency tickets and reducing the number of FTEs.

Aspire systems in the past has helped customers to have a seamless application support and that is now further strengthened by the launch of AI driven Application Management Services. We have taken over the managed services of a U.S. based technology solutions company, to know the full story download our case study.

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