IT operations management (ITOM) is the administrative area involving technology infrastructure components and the requirements of individual applications, services, storage, networking and connectivity elements within an organization.

What is ITOM in a Nutshell?

ServiceNow ITOM Suite:

  • CMDB population with Devices and Applications

For any organization that wants to have visibility over their infrastructure or IT operations management, it is important to have devices inventory or configuration item in CMDB, irrespective of virtual or on-premise environment. For this to happen, you must have a discovery mechanism in place and there can be multiple sources for CMDB. It can be ServiceNow offerings, automated discoveries or interactions with third-party tool to get a feed to CMDB.

  • Service Mapping with Dependencies

Service maps provide a holistic view of your IT Business Services or any application which is supporting your business.

  • Service Health with Event and Alert processing

Service visibility primarily in Event management – At a glance you can view your Business service around your infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Remediation with Orchestration Workflow and Activities

An Enterprise brings new learning curve like automation in regular activities for more productivity by bringing orchestration in place to remediate.

ServiceNow Licenses

How to eliminate service Outages with ServiceNow:

  • Map business services to infrastructure
  • Keep service maps updated
  • Ingest events from across the IT Landscape
  • Prioritize issues and automate fixes
  • Gain Visibility into business service health

With IT Service Management and IT Operation Management, ServiceNow has helped in increasing the quality of shared infrastructure services and added capabilities with evolution of solutions through years

Event management integrates with CMDB that is service-aware and ITSM processes, and then aggregates the fed inputs from third part monitoring solutions. Thereby it enhances the real time visibility of services and infrastructure alongside maintenance continuity.

Overall by using ITOM we can achieve the following outcomes:

  • Faster impact analysis and resolution
  • Track planned – unplanned changes
  • Configurable workflows for asset and service requests
  • Drive automation

As technology evolves, outages and incidents will be eradicated with ITOM which will compensate for the high availability of services.

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