After the hectic holiday season, there’s no better way to start the new year than diving straight into how we can help you be a cut above the rest. And NRF 2023, retail’s biggest show in New York is the perfect platform for just that. This is the biggest retail event in the world that brings businesses and solution providers under one roof. It’s the annual brainstorming session that the industry needs to think bigger and aim higher.

Aspire Systems is stoked to be part of this platform where ideas meet technology. To get a sneak peek into what’s in store, check out: At Aspire’s booth #1261, we are raring to break down the challenges you may be facing and help you get an insight into how to grow your business by optimizing available resources.

NRF 2022 had over 40,000 retail professionals and vendors from more than 90 countries for educational and networking opportunities. In NRF 2023, over 175 sessions will delve into enhancing the customer experience with AI to use blockchain for data protection, improving cybersecurity in operations, the evolution of convenience stores, and the future of brands. This time there will be a bigger Startup Zone, an expanded expo floor, and a new Consumer Products Showcase program.

Over the years, technology has emerged as the core of retail growth that enhances omnichannel customer experience, provides smart offerings, and ensures data monetization. Technology is like the wizard behind the scenes delivering seamless integration of online and offline channels, personalizing customer experiences, and optimizing revenue growth through advanced analytics. A case in point is the McKinsey survey in the consumer and retail industries that found that digital leaders generated 3.3 times the total shareholder return of digital laggards between 2016 and 2020.

After the storm of the pandemic and with the recession looming over us, retailers are feeling the pressure to step up their game. Aspire Systems believes that to move forward, we have to look within and strengthen the building blocks of retail transformation. Staying ahead of the turmoil of trends, we want to make retail tech child’s play that is easy to implement, provides a strong foundation, and gives the spark you need to elevate your customer’s experience.

Check out Aspire’s extensive offerings that can make your business stand out. We work with mid-size to large global retailers and focus on putting customer experience at the heart of the business instead of getting caught up in omnichannel issues. Our areas of expertise are apparel, fashion, consumer goods, grocery, specialty retail, convenience, and more

What to expect at the booth?

Easy plans to work smart and achieve the breakthrough that you are waiting for. Whether you are looking to switch to a headless architecture to facilitate greater flexibility, make hyper-personalized experiences for customers, or have a sharper strategy to improve your existing retail applications, Aspire is ready to get you started.

  • Experience our Customer 360° demo 

We use the power of data to understand and predict your customers’ tastes. Data is analyzed to give critical information about customer preferences, product performance, and channels on a user-friendly dashboard. Customer 360° dashboard helps you create targeted marketing campaigns, even when you add multiple channels of commerce to create a data lake.

  • Play around with our headless commerce framework 

The concept of one-size-fits-all is now replaced distinctive solutions. In this competitive environment, success lies in being spectacular. Aspire’s headless e-commerce framework is all about being unique and agile.

  • Delve into our AI-led application-managed services   

Maintain, enhance, and manage custom applications with our Application Management Service (AMS). Predictive maintenance is made easy with our AI-managed services tool, and it has the added perk of cost reduction.

  • Learn about lightning-fast implementations with our accelerators 

Our accelerators MOM and Xstore help you migrate to core retail applications like Oracle’s retail suite safely and at a fraction of the time. Retailers across the globe looking to execute core merchandising activities, including product management, inventory replenishment, vendor management, and financial tracking find our Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management (MOM) Suite to be the perfect integrated stack of solutions. Our experience in Oracle systems makes us the go-to firm when seeking Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service (POS) consulting, implementation, and support services.

Aspire Systems will be in the middle of the action waiting to collaborate with you. To get a glimpse of how we can help, register at Our experts Sunil Bajaj, Harish Rajagopal, Kaviarasan Selvaraj, Arjunakani Arjun, and Raghunath Vijayaraghavan will be at Booth no. 1261, from January 15 to 17, Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre, New York, to power up your retail transformation strategy.