Sale season is almost here, and retailers are ready with tech upgrades for stores, commerce, and distribution, but merchandising is left untouched. And that’s where retailers go wrong. Retailers are wary of disturbing their core business process of merchandising that forms the foundation for crucial aspects such as pricing, inventory management, and financial operations. It ends up being customized with minimal advancements to serve the purpose. This is just a stop-gap arrangement.  

The truth is, merchandising systems, which are often heavily customized, become so complex that they hinder growth instead of facilitating customer journeys. Over time, various teams end up working around the limitations of these merchandising platforms rather than using them as catalysts for innovation. For those seeking a strategic starting point, embracing Oracle Retail Merchandising Cloud Service version 23 sets the stage for growth and ensures adaptability to future customers.  

Why opt for Oracle’s Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Services? 

Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service (RMFCS) version 23 is the backbone that empowers retailers to manage their core merchandising activities seamlessly. It serves as a central hub for critical functions such as item management, inventory replenishment, purchasing, import processes, sales auditing, and financial tracking.  

The pivotal modules within RMFCS are sales audit and trade management. The sales audit module acts as a vigilant sentinel over your sales transactions, regardless of their source. Consider this: a customer buys a product online, while another customer purchases the same item in-store. Without RMFCS, this could lead to discrepancies, missing data, or duplicate entries. RMFCS ensures that all sales data is cleaned and synchronized, identifying and rectifying errors. This guarantees that your systems operate with accurate and consistent sales information, preventing financial inaccuracies and aiding informed decision-making. 

The trade management module streamlines the import process, automating complex steps and centralizing critical import order information. It simplifies paperwork, communication with trading partners, and file exchanges, ensuring a smooth and error-free import operation.  

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Beat the Data Migration Blues 

This brings us to the next perceived obstacle — data migration. At least 83% of data migration projects either fail or exceed their budgets and schedules, according to a Gartner study. This alarming statistic is attributed to the lack of involvement from the business teams and an improper approach to data migration. Here are some of the pitfalls that retailers need to steer clear of: 

  • Risk Not Addressed Early Enough 

Risks in data migration projects often surface late in the project timeline, usually as load failures in the target system. Addressing these risks earlier is crucial for project success. Late-stage load failures often result from inadequate data quality checks and a lack of understanding of data nuances. Poor data quality can jeopardize the entire migration effort. 

  • Lack of Formal Data Governance 

Mere data loading into the target system is insufficient. Correctness and data quality are paramount, and without formal data governance, it’s challenging to define and maintain data quality standards. In the absence of well-defined rules for addressing data quality issues, the process becomes ad hoc, leading to inconsistent results. 

Another risk is the absence of purpose-built data quality tools designed for data profiling and cleansing, organizations may lack insights into the current state of their data and struggle to clean it effectively. 

Breeze Through Data Migration with Aspire   

For Oracle Retail users looking to upgrade to version 23, a crucial aspect of this transition is the seamless migration of data. In the past, this process was cumbersome, involving manual extraction, file creation, and complex data transfers.

However, Aspire’s Accelerator for Data Migration has revolutionized the game, saving time, effort, and resources for retailers by up to 40%.  

Acing agility 

The secret to Aspire’s game-changing tool that ensures 40% ROI is a configuration-based process that paves the way for customizations at each step. Here’s how it works: 

  • Data cleanse, extraction, and transformation: Aspire’s accelerator simplifies data extraction and cleaning. It efficiently converts data into the required format, creating files ready for migration. 
  • Data handling: Aspire’s tool goes a step further, converting files into zip format and moving them seamlessly from local systems to cloud environments. 
  • Business validation: The tool’s configuration-based nature allows for business validation to be streamlined, reducing the need for extensive manual checks. 
  • Easy integration: Aspire’s accelerator works seamlessly with Oracle’s data migration tool, ensuring that data is uploaded efficiently to the Oracle Retail version 23 (MFCS) application. 
  • Fast adaptability: One of the key advantages of Aspire’s Accelerator is its flexibility. Retailers can configure the tool to define which entities to migrate, specify where files are stored on the local system, and determine how many entities can be included in a single file as well as the number of files per zip archive. 
    This adaptability ensures that the tool can be tailored to suit different versions of Oracle Retail. Whether you’re upgrading from version 19 or an even older release, Aspire’s accelerator has you covered. Minor adjustments can be made by the System Integrator (SI) to accommodate new versions, thanks to its configuration-based nature. 
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Reduced Implementation Timelines 

In the past, data migration was a time-consuming process involving manual steps.  

Aspire’s data migration accelerator steps in to save time and costs by 40% as mapping is swift and business validation is undertaken by Aspire experts.  

Earlier data had to be manually extracted, based on which a file had to be created as per the query. And every time the query had to be executed, followed by a check on the number of zip files that would be needed for implementation. This time-consuming pre-activity is now waved away with the tool. During implementation, the code is deployed and immediately the data can be extracted, a file is created and converted into a zip file, which is loaded onto the Oracle system.

With Aspire’s data migration accelerator, data extraction, file creation, and migration are streamlined. This results in a significantly reduced timeline for data conversion, allowing for a smoother transition to Oracle Retail version 23. 

Enhanced Security 

Moving data from on-premise to the cloud requires robust security measures. Aspire’s experts ensure data integrity by implementing authentication protocols during the migration process. Oracle Cloud has its waterproof security measures that keep your data untainted. 

Find the Right Partner  

When embarking on the journey of data migration, one of the crucial initial steps is to carefully select the most suitable migration strategy. This decision hinges on several vital factors that need thoughtful consideration. Determine the optimal time of day to execute the migration, ensuring minimal disruption to operations. The scale of the database and data set size play a pivotal role.

Aspire Systems can help retailers assess the magnitude of the data to be migrated and plan resources accordingly. The experts can help evaluate the source and target database character sets, versions, and any user-defined data types within the source database. Compatibility in these aspects is essential for a seamless migration.   

Reach Out for Success 

Aspire’s Accelerator for Data Migration is a game-changer for Oracle Retail users looking to upgrade to version 23. It simplifies the complex process of migrating data from on-premise systems to the cloud, saving time, effort, and costs. With its configuration-based approach, adaptability to different Oracle Retail versions, and enhanced security, it’s a must-have tool for retailers striving to stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

Upgrade to Oracle Retail version 23 with confidence, knowing that Aspire’s Accelerator has your back. It outperforms on-premises deployments and surpasses alternatives from other cloud providers in terms of efficiency and value. Get on the transformation train and realize your retail dreams. 


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