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What’s new, what’s out: major updates from the latest version of Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Services

Boasting the twin perks of highly credible performance and competitive pricing, Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Services (RMFCS) has become one of the most widely used cloud computing services by retail organizations across the world.…

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Eliminate System Inefficiencies and Complexities with Oracle Retail Managed Services

The rising customer demands push retailers to adopt futuristic technologies so that their employees can successfully cope up with the changing retail landscape. With the explosion of social media, Omnichannel shopping, and the pressure to…

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Optimize Oracle Retail Suite Performance with Aspire Oracle SWAT Team

As communities across the world respond to concerns over the pandemic, we know that this time presents unique challenges for retailers around people, systems, and inventory. However, retailers can adapt to these challenging times by…

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