inventory management

ServiceNow Tokyo release: Everything you need to know about the new & improved field service management tools

Companies are waking up to the importance of cloud-based field service management operations given that poor scheduling and improper manual planning are affecting turnover rates. A 2022 report found that 11.4% employees in the professional…

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Streamline your Inventory Management with a Smart Retail Merchandising System

Real-time inventory visibility is a pre-requisite for retailers to offer a unified shopping experience and customer delight. It goes beyond the intricate balance between overstocking and understocking. Why plan inventory? Holding inventory is unavoidable for…

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Boost your Organization’s Performance Using Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics focusses on the improvement of an Organization’s overall business development and its results serve as an effective measure for comparing performance and growth. Customers are the fuel for running an organization. Understanding them…

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