Oracle Retail Merchandising

Live Webcast: A Retailer’s Guide to Optimize Assortment to Meet Consumer Demand

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated infection containment efforts, consumer behavior has changed in leaps and bounds. Individuals and families purchased and maintained higher levels of personal inventory, particularly food, personal…

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Retailers’ Roadmap to long-term success: Maturing Enterprise Applications & Supply Chain Modernization

In the previous blog, we had seen the various solutions/strategies that retailers need to look into to expand their digital footprint. Continuing the journey, we will now look into why modernizing the supply chain and…

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Counter and Forecast breakdowns with Oracle Retail Managed Services

Speed, agility, and effectiveness are demanded from today’s retail businesses. With the explosion of social media, Omnichannel shopping, and the pressure to expand into new formats and countries, it has become critically important for retailers…

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