In recent times one of the primary obstacles for the retail industry is the effective delivery of the right information in an easily digestible format. It has become increasingly critical due to the surge in social media usage, the emergence of omnichannel shopping, and the need to expand into new markets and formats. Retailers now face the task of establishing connections between various items, locations, and suppliers, while also keeping track of purchase orders, monitoring revenue from deals, managing replenishment settings, understanding customer preferences, and consolidating transaction data for comprehensive stock ledger reporting. 

To address these complexities, merchandising solutions serve as the centralized hub for all information, providing organizations with a streamlined and accurate overview of their entire retail operations. 

How has Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service become the backbone of retail operations? 

The Oracle Retail Merchandising Cloud Services offer a comprehensive range of software-as-a-service solutions designed to empower retailers with innovative features. These solutions go beyond traditional functionalities by introducing role-based dashboards that present relevant information related to buying, inventory, pricing, and finances to the user.  What sets Oracle apart is their integration of retail science and data analytics, enabling retailers to expedite critical decision-making processes and promptly act. 

Features of Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Services 

The comprehensive range of Oracle Retail Merchandising services consists of various components, namely Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service, Oracle Retail Pricing Cloud Service, Oracle Retail Allocation Cloud Service, and Oracle Retail Invoice Matching Cloud Service

The Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service encompasses a range of key features: 

  • It offers end-to-end merchandising operations that serve as the fundamental backbone of a retailer’s business. 
  • It combines the functionalities of merchandising, import management, and sales auditing solutions into a unified cloud service. 
  • Its capabilities include managing foundational data such as items, locations, suppliers, and HTS codes, handling purchase orders (both domestic and foreign), managing costs and deals, overseeing ELC (Estimated Landed Cost), managing inventory through transfers, receipts, adjustments, and stock counts, facilitating replenishment processes, conducting sales audits, and generating stock ledger reports. 
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How Retailers benefit from Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service? 

Retail Merchandising Foundation offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable you to enhance efficiency and drive business performance while facilitating profitable growth. It serves as a versatile platform for omnichannel trading, accommodating various channels such as franchises, and provides a flexible foundation for managing diverse merchandise types, ensuring accurate supplier and cost management. 

Efficiently Handle Inventory Across all Shopping Channels 

Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service efficiently handles inventory across all shopping channels by providing real-time visibility and synchronization of inventory data, allowing retailers to accurately track stock levels and availability, and optimize fulfillment processes, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency. 

Enhance Data Accuracy and Empower Store Associates 

Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service empowers retailers by enhancing data accuracy. They become better equipped with both product and pricing information, leading to seamless store operation and informed decision-making. By providing a robust platform for data management and analysis, it empowers store teams to optimize operations and deliver an enhanced customer experience. 

Seamless Integration Using RICS 

RICS (Retail Integration and Cloud Service) has been designed using the latest industry best practices. This ensures that it incorporates the most up-to-date and effective approaches in the retail domain. Additionally, RICS offers canonical objects that have been built from integration experience with hundreds of customer use cases. Therefore, it can provide a comprehensive set of standardized and reusable components for various retail scenarios. 

Prioritize Real-time Visibility of Inventory 

With Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service, retailers can prioritize real-time visibility of inventory, gaining actionable insights to optimize stock levels, improve order fulfillment, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency. By ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory information, retailers can make informed decisions and deliver a seamless shopping experience to customers. 

Strategic Decision Making 

Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service in symphony with the right tool and the Planning Application can help retailers make strategic decisions. 

By centralizing critical information and providing actionable insights, it optimizes inventory management, pricing, and assortment planning, leading to smarter business choices and a competitive edge in the dynamic retail landscape. 

Streamlines the Pricing Process 

Oracle retail has recently launched enhanced cloud features known as Price Hub. This extension empowers retailers to streamline the pricing process by automating the task of updating purchase prices for a wide range of products. By utilizing Price Hub, retailers can optimize their sales and profit margins effectively. 

Allows Consistent Customer Experience Across Channels 

The Promotion Engine Cloud Service is a flexible and scalable solution for managing promotions. It features a calculation engine with embedded APIs, enabling seamless integration with a retailer’s current transaction systems like Point of Sale (POS), ecommerce platforms, order management systems, and various shopping applications.  

By offering a centralized platform for defining promotions, it allows retailers to effortlessly publish a diverse range of offers simultaneously, eliminating any confusion in the system. This ensures a consistent purchasing experience for customers across all channels. 

Effectively Manage Complexity on a Global Scale 

Governments worldwide are undergoing digital transformations, and real-time reporting of indirect taxes at the transaction level has become the new standard. Oracle offers solutions to help organizations navigate and manage this global complexity efficiently. 

Seamless Operation 

Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service contributes to seamless operations for retailers by providing a centralized platform for managing all aspects of merchandising, including product assortment planning, pricing, promotions, and inventory management, resulting in streamlined processes and improved decision-making. Additionally, its integration capabilities enable retailers to connect with other systems and channels, ensuring smooth data flow and cohesive operations across the entire retail ecosystem. 

Improve Workflows 

Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service improves workflows by automating manual tasks and processes, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing overall efficiency. Also, it provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, empowering retailers to gain insights into their workflows, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions for continuous workflow improvement. 


The retail industry faces significant challenges in delivering the right information effectively, especially with the rise of social media, omnichannel shopping, and expansion into new markets. Merchandising solutions, like Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service, play a vital role in addressing these complexities by providing a centralized hub for streamlined and accurate information across the entire retail organization. 

Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service offers innovative features such as role-based dashboards, integration of retail science and data analytics, and a modern exception-based retailing methodology. These features empower retailers to make critical decisions efficiently and allocate more time and resources to strategic business goals. 

With Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service, retailers can improve efficiency, optimize operations, deliver an enhanced customer experience, and drive profitable growth in today’s competitive retail landscape.