Having an assistant is always a boon when it comes to getting a job done, be it in any field of work. And, shopping would top that list in a world of consumerism that’s taking a paradigm shift to transform customer interactions through various channels!

Shopping could be a pain in the neck when time is a constraint for shoppers and getting it done and dusted would be a huge burden off their shoulders. An intelligent assistant to get shopping done quickly and smartly will be a god send gift.

And as retailers, providing shoppers a digital assistant is necessary in today’s digital world. PRIOS (Phygital Retail In-Store Omni-channel Solution) is a one of a kind solution and can truly serve the purpose. Let’s see how PRIOS has helped Kate.


Kate’s Experience with PRIOS

Kate is a fashionista! She shops frequently to fill her wardrobe with the best of the best outfits. She needed an assistant who would understand her shopping needs to pick the best outfit in a short span of time. Kate has tried out retail apps – having downloaded a plethora of them that have asked her “n” number of details before she can browse for her desired item. Her patience is running thin and she dreams of an intelligent app that can magically conjure up her favorite item, time and again! And voila! That’s when Kate met PRIOS, a digital assistant provided by her favorite clothing store.

Kate has been using PRIOS for quite some time now and she loves it! Below is a journey that talks about how Kate used the ultimate store assistant & got her shopping done instantly.

Adaptive Search

Kate has got a dinner party to go to in a few hours and still has not bought the perfect outfit. She quickly finishes off her work at office and opens PRIOS to check if she can find something new and fresh.

Even before Kate keyed in the type of outfit she wanted, PRIOS’s Recommendation Engine suggested her outfits that matched her style and most importantly those that were FRESH! Basically what PRIOS did here was with the help of Big Data, it understood Kate’s style, sense and persona, and filtered out the outfits that she will like the best. This saved her half the time she usually uses on browsing.

Kate then spots the outfit that she had in mind on the app and finds out that the outfit is available at a store near her. She then quickly makes a move to the store.

MarTech Advisor cites that the importance of suggesting the right item to the right user can be gauged by the fact that 35% of all sales are estimated to be generated by the recommendation engine.


As Kate walked into the store, a Digital Mirror recognizes Kate & welcomes her with a personalized message, also displaying the outfit she had selected on PRIOS with a number of other color options. Kate had a virtual try-on with the other color options and finally chose the blue outfit.

The store associate receives the information that Kate has chosen an outfit, and the associate brings the outfit to Kate. Kate is happy with the product and makes a purchase right away.

Augmented reality is going to change the way that the fashion industry creates, showcases and retails its products. The year ahead will see an explosion in opportunities for this immersive technology to totally redefine what we understand as fashion today,” said Matt Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Innovation Agency.


Quick Checkout

Kate instantly made a purchase with Scan & Go. She did not have to wait in long queues; she was able to scan the item with PRIOS and make a payment.

Walmart will expand its Scan & Go technology in another 100 stores across the U.S. this year. And Kroger announced it will roll out its “Scan, Bag, Go” service in 400 stores this year, according to Business Insider.

Right after she made the purchase, she was suggested a clutch purse that would go with her outfit and the item was available at the store. PRIOS navigated her to the section where the clutch was placed. She loved the product and made another purchase instantly with scan & go on PRIOS. Kate walked out of the store happily with her two products looking forward to wearing them at the dinner party.

Thus, PRIOS made Kate’s day! The whole shopping journey for Kate was made seamless with PRIOS and was achieved only because PRIOS is connected with a number of aspects in the store like Beacons, RFID, Digital Mirrors, etc. and outside the store providing a Unified Omni-Channel experience. PRIOS is the ultimate shopping assistant not only for fashion but also for grocery. Be it any retail shopping, PRIOS is your trusted advisor!