Do you know the secret to finding the pulse of the customer? It is using technology to stay on top of trends. The latest Xstore version 22 is just the solution you need with its power-packed upgrade that fortifies your security, elevates customer experience, and enhances performance. In short, it helps in smoother back-office processes for you to ensure customers get the best experience they deserve. 

The Oracle Retail Xstore Suite version 22 is a state-of-the-art tool that aids retailers in offering the best experience. From handling day-to-day transactions and conducting daily store activities with Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service to providing a central web-based management console for effortless management of the data. Continuously working on how to adapt to new trends that push return on investment (ROI), minimize operational delays, and provide retailers with reports that aid in decision-making for business and IT teams, Xstore version 22 has several benefits.  

Benefits of the upgrade 

  • Improved security: Keeping in mind the transaction-related issues faced by retailers with an extensive network of stores, Oracle has introduced the new and improved Xstore Office Cloud Service (XOCS). An enhanced mature model, XOCS uses Next Gen SaaS Architecture to give real-time updates securely to a central system and is an example of the advanced Oracle Retail Integration Cloud Service
  • Enhanced customer experience:  Oracle has introduced a retail promotion engine that integrates with e-commerce websites and Xstore, providing customers with a superior omnichannel experience. This engine enables the seamless delivery of discount promotions across all channels, whether customers shop online or in physical stores. The new Xstore Microservices are also available in-store, providing essential data on discounts, items, prices, and taxes. These tools work together to enhance the customer experience, making it easier for them to access promotions and information regardless of the channel they choose to use. 
  • Better performance: The upgrade includes bug fixes to address issues of operational delays in the previous version of Xstore.  
  • Helps stay up to date: Upgrading to the latest version of Xstore ensures that you are using the most updated version of the software, which is essential to stay in tune with the latest tech-driven market trends.  
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A few more enhancements  

Some of the additional functionalities of Oracle Xstore version 22 that will enable meet customer expectations even better include:  

  • Self-Checkout UI: The new and improved function has worked on the UI, focusing on usability and delivering a streamlined checkout experience for the shopper. However, the classic Self-Checkout Mode will also be available until the Swing-based, classic Xstore UI is retired.  
  • Order Maintenance:  The feature actively updates the system if a customer does not pick up an order within the specified days and has yet to deposit any money.  It marks the order as “customer not picked up,” and store associates can cancel it. 
  • Xstore Mobile Shell: Here is a more efficient and streamlined update process as the Xstore Mobile client user interface and rendering updates are obtained dynamically from the Xstore Mobile server. It eliminates the need to update Xstore Mobile client devices through MDM or comparable technologies. 
  • Country-specific changes: The new updated features meet country-specific  tax, license regulations, and pricing legalities.  

Why leveling up is the way to go 

When any upgrade comes along, doubts about whether it is necessary or relevant are natural, but not weighing the pros and cons can be disastrous. Retailers can briefly skip upgrades, but Oracle only offers support to users for fixing base defects until a specific period. Oracle will provide ongoing support and maintenance for the latest version of Xstore, helping to quickly resolve any issues and granting access to the latest features and functionalities.  

Smarter systems all the way 

Wondering if you need to upgrade? Then try to imagine how the core transformation of Oracle Xstore Suite can make a difference to your customers.  While without timely upgrades, there could be issues on the implementation and business side, with the upgrade, you could efficiently strategize and optimize your business. The costs involved in the upgrade vary depending on the scale and customizations but are worth the increase in ROI that you will witness. So why wait, when you can have the most advanced software available within 12 to 16 weeks?